Technology in my Life

By girtonj
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    Technology in my Life

  • Learned about Amateur Radio for the First Time

    Learned about Amateur Radio for the First Time
    My Dad, an avid Amateur Radio enthusiast got me interested in the hobby by showing me his radios. I got to see my Dad talk to people all around the world from our house!
  • Family Computer

    Family Computer
    Used Family Computer for the First TIme
  • Nentendo 64

    Nentendo 64
    For my 9th Birthday my parents got me a Nintendo 64. I thought I was the coolest kid in our subdivision. still didn't keep me from my sports. My parents will tell you that I used to; eat, sleep, play, and play video game soccer on my Nintendo 64.
  • Family Laptop

    Family Laptop
    If I remember correctly, this was the date that my parents got their first laptop computer. My Dad got it for my Mom so she could do her Longaberger basket buisness. This thing was huge! And the dial-up connection...we all know about that pre broadband connection!
  • My First Desktop Computer

    My First Desktop Computer
    During the summer before I started the 7th grade I remember getting the old family computer put in my room so I could do my school reports. It was pretty neat having my own computer in my room! I thought my room was as cool as Zack Morris' from "Saved By The Bell."
  • First Cell Phone

    First Cell Phone
    I was not one of those kids that begged for a cell phone. Actually I didn't even ask for one at all! However, my parents bought me one when I started High School. Which was a great idea! With all the activities I was involved in it was a good way to let them know I was ready to be picked up, etc. Thinking back, the phone was a little Motorola non-flip phone. Was pretty small...but the best part, it was Kentucky blue!
  • Earned Amateur Radio License

    Earned Amateur Radio License
    The interest my Dad had for Amateur Radio caught up with me and I passed my license test on this date. Since then, I've been talking to people all around the world from my house! Technology is even changing this style of communication. As times change, radios get more powerful and more user friendly. Also more expensive...
  • First iPod

    First iPod
    I recieved my first iPod my junior year of high school. It was great to listen to during those long band trips. I loaded it up with my favorites: Alabama, ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd, AC/DC, Toby Keith, etc. But my favorite memory of my iPod? Listening to "We Are The Champions" on the way home from winning the 2006 Kentucky Marching Band State Championship!
  • Played First Electronic Drumset

    Played First Electronic Drumset
    The Church I was playing drums for back home got a brand new electronic drumset for the Christmas service. It was so neat to be able to change the volume, kit, or even other percussion sounds right from a drum modual. This is something that I was definitely not use to from playing acoustic kits all the time. It was so neat to have all that drumming power right at my hands!
  • Created a Facebook Account

    Created a Facebook Account
    Because I was going so far away from home, I decided to create a Facebook page to keep in contact with my friends. This has been a great way of communication with them, but it also proved to be a good tool to meet future friends that I would be meeting in person when I arrived at Embry-Riddle. Now even more people are on facebook, which makes it even better. Sometimes Facebook is a better way to get a hold of friends than a phone!
  • My Very Own Laptop

    My Very Own Laptop
    Before coming to Embry-Riddle my parents got me hooked up with my very own laptop. I can't believe going through college without it! Most everything I do during my day is on my laptop.
  • Swine Flu & Kidney Failure

    Swine Flu & Kidney Failure
    Modern technology was definitely with my during this stage of my life! Right before venturing back to school in August of 2009 I was diagnosed with kidney failure and it was caused by swine flu. I spent 2 weeks in the hospital and over 2 months on dialysis. Doctors and state of the art medical technology definitely saved my life!
  • First Smartphone

    First Smartphone
    For Christmas of 2010 I recieved my first Smartphone! The Motorola DroidX. It did everything! From telling me what time it was, to calling my parents, to even tracking the stars in the sky!
  • Mobile Computing...the Tablet!

    Mobile Computing...the Tablet!
    Before the start of my senior year at Embry-Riddle both my parents and I got tablets. Aside from the computer and phone, my Android tablet has been a lifesaver! Smaller than a computer, but bigger than a phone, my tablet has been perfect for college success. Although it's nice to take to the library or computer labs as a study companion, Angry Birds is more fun on the bigger screen!
  • 140 Characters or Less

    140 Characters or Less
    After hearing about all the buzz of Twitter I decided to check it out. Ever since, I've been able to follow my favorite athletes and friend. Ocassionally I can even tweet my favorite NASCAR drivers Austin Dillon and Kevin Harvick and they even respond!
  • First Skype Call from my Nephew

    First Skype Call from my Nephew
    That's nephew. At the time he was 6 year old. I get a notification on my screen that my sister was calling me. I answer the call and there's my nephew! He called me while everyone else was taking a nap. Now he is 7, has his own tablet, email password, and Skype account! Times are changing!