Tech Plan

  • Weebly

    Discovered and fully experienced the creation of a website using Weebly.
  • Period: to

    CEP 811

    Continuing my education with technology so I am able to learn more resources available to myself and the various ways to include it within my classroom.
  • Google Plus

    By this time I would like to believe that I am completely comfortable using the programs that are incorporated with Google Plus.
  • Period: to

    CEP 812

    Continuing my technology education.
  • Google Website

    Our school is switching over to a new platform using Google. This will include switching our classroom websites to this. I will be happy to know I have this program mastered by this date.
  • Period: to

    Use Google Applications with my students

    My students at this time should finally have a student account with the Google Platform of my school. I would like to be able to use this program with them to allow my students to work collaboratively on projects in a timely manner.
  • Period: to