Tech in My Life

Timeline created by karen.burt
  • Way back when - first tools

    Way back when - first tools
    When I was little their were no electronics in my life. We could cook and drive, but my mother didn't believe in electronics in the house.
  • My first TV

    My first TV
    Very rarely were we allowed to watch TV. Only 'Laurence Welk' with my grandparents and 'Wild Kingdom' for the kids. The TV cabinet was 6.5 feet long and also housed a record player. It's still in my mom's house today.
  • 1st tech for me - record player

    1st tech for me - record player
    I remember when I was given my own little record player in a case. I also was given a set of records with music such as the Disney songs. I know all the words to 'It's a Small World" and still sing it every time I go through the ride
  • My games

    My games
    My mother bought an Atari for Christmas. It only played a couple games. I hated it. I do remember PONG and eventually Space Invaders. Still don't like video games.
  • Phone

    Phones have changed a lot. I remember corded phones until I was in my 20's. Sitting on the floor talking all night - and no one else could call in.
  • First game I liked

    First game I liked
    PacMan...I remember when you have to go to arcades and play at a PacMan table.
  • Beta Videos - way before VHS, DVDs or streaming

    Beta Videos - way before VHS, DVDs or streaming
    Bulky, not much to watch, but we had one. Somehow I think tech started to invade my home
  • Microwave

    I don't think my mom liked to cook. My grandmother would bring over meals and we now had a way to heat them up in that big bulky machine.
  • 1st Portable Music

    1st Portable Music
    I remember my first Walkman. Played that 'Grease' song track all the time.
  • Off to College - suitcase typewriter

    Off to College - suitcase typewriter
    Given a typewriter to go to college so I could write papers. Included, correction tape and ink and paper. Found out the lab at BYU had basic computers and printers, but didn't know how to use them.
  • 1st Home Computer

    1st Home Computer
    I actually won this at Circuit City and used it to work at home.
  • Phone

    No cords - small fee - use for emergency. I got my first flip phone to use for emergencies since I was a single mom. Only made calls.
  • Digital Music

    Digital Music
    Got one for my daughter first....then me.
  • Smart Phone

    Smart Phone
    I now use my phone not just for emergency. It's my phone book, reminders, grocery list, calendar, digital book, call and texting, and yes occasionally games.
  • Laptop

    Got my first one at work and now use it everyday.
  • IPad at work

    IPad at work
    I'd never used one and didn't own one, but my job started to require me to use an IPad for assessments. Now I use it daily
  • Upgraded TV

    Upgraded TV
    So I was a little behind the times and only recently got a 'smart tv'. I had had a couple flat digital screens, but this was another step up. Even got one for my 75 year old mother.