Taylir Huegelmann

  • Oklahoma Bombing

    Oklahoma Bombing
    This was a very important day in History
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    Taylir Huegelmann

  • 9/11

    This was a tragec day for everyone when this happened.
  • Parent's married

    Parent's married
    This was the day my step-dad and my mother got married. I was 6 years old than and I still remember the wedding. It was so much fun.
  • The day I got my dog

    This day is a very important day in my life because my parents got my dog, Ed, as a surprise for me.
  • First Comunnion

    This was the day I received my first communion in the church.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger elected

    Arnold Schwarzenegger elected
    Arnold Schwarzenegger elected California goverener. This was a cool event in history because he is a famous actor.
  • Terrible earthquake hits Japan

    A powerful earthquake and its aftershocks hit Niigata, in northern Japan, killing 35 people, injuring 2,200, and leaving 85,000 homeless.
  • Skylar is born.

    Skylar is born.
    Skylar, my little sister, was born on June 2, 2005. I remember every detail of that day because I have always wanted a little sister.
  • Poppa died

    This was my great-grandfather. His death was really hard to be able to handle.
  • Hurricane Katrina

    Hurricane Katrina
    It hit New Orleans on this day. Many died and many were lost in the water. So many buildings were damaged and still are.
  • Bopsha died

    My Bopsha is my polish great-grandmother. She was not only my favorite grandmother, but she was my hero and favorite person.
  • Obama becomes president

    Obama becomes president
    President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden get sworn into office. Obama becomes the first African-American president.
  • 8th grade graduation

    This was the day that i graduated 8th grade at my elementary school in Westchester called, Divine Providence.
  • Michael Jackson dies

    Michael Jackson dies
    This was a heartbreaking day, when the kind of pop died. Many fans still mourn in his loss.
  • Vampire Diaries

    Vampire Diaries
    This is my all time favorite show
  • Jersey Shore airs!

    Jersey Shore airs!
    This was the first day that the amazing show that so many people hate first aired. It's one of my personal favorites.
  • Kiddieland is shut down

    Kiddieland is shut down
    Kiddieland,in Melrose Park, has been open since 1929. It shut down in October, because of arguements over the new lease.
  • My vacation to Maui, Hawaii

    My vacation to Maui, Hawaii
    This was when I went to Maui for two weeks. It was SO beautiful, it was by far the best vacation I have ever been on.
  • Rascal Flatts concert

    Rascal Flatts concert
    This was an AWESOME day in my life. I had a great time with my boyfriend and my friends.
  • Blackhawks game/asked to prom

    Blackhawks game/asked to prom
    This was the day that I went to the blackhawks game and than I ended up getting asked to prom there. It was very cute!