Sydney Spry

Timeline created by SydneySpry
  • I was borrn!

    I was borrn!
    This was the dare i was born!
  • Bennett was born!

    Bennett was born!
    This is when my perfect life ended.
  • star

    When i was 4 years old i starred in americas got talent and won!
  • Cooper was born!

    Cooper was born!
    I was obsessed with my new baby brother! Much more happy with him then i was Bennett!
  • Moved into our new house!

    Moved into our new house!
    I HATED leaving my old house- i bawled for weeks!
  • New puppy!

    New puppy!
    We had to put our pug down before we moved, so we got a golden doodle!
  • driving

    When i was 9 years old a learned how to drive and passed drivers ed. I am now thw proud owner of a pink mini cooper, which i bought with my talent money.
  • Propel

    This is the year i became addicted to strawberry kiwi propel. I have been drinking 1 every day since.
  • Mizzu

    I began college and passed a 4 year program in 3 weeks.
  • Austin

    The day i started daying austin! Best valentines day ever!
  • After.

    After graduating college a began my carreer in interior designing. i designed all of the hilton hotels.
  • moving day.

    moving day.
    Today is the day austin moves to South Dakota.. I may never see him again..
  • I quit

    I quit
    Mr. hilton was getting way to picky. so i quit.
  • couponing

    I'm running out of money without a job, so i've decided to try this extreme couponing that i used to see on TV.
  • ooohhh baby

    ooohhh baby
    I made my first official grocery store run today. i spent a totally of $2344535 dollars, and with all my coupons i ended up spending a total of $7.78
  • Honeymoon!

    We spent ou honeymoon somewhere i've always wanted to go! Sydney Austraila!
  • married

    Austin and i met up again and got married!
  • Alec and Bryce

    Alec and Bryce
    Today i had my first children. Beautiful twin boys names Alec and Bryce.
  • Adoption

    Austin and I decided we were readt for more! We flew to Austraila and adopted another set of twin boys! There names are Conner and Drake.
  • New job

    New job
    I've had my hands full with Alec, Bryce, Conner, and Drake. But i was just recently accepted to be on the show "Extreme Couponing" for my master couponing skills. :) I also found out that i am 17 weeks pregnet today!
  • My first daughter!

    My first daughter!
    Today my firsy daughter was born! We were happy to have blessed such a beautiful girl in the world. We names her Ellie. :)
  • liffeeee.

    My life is officially perfect! i have 5 very brautiful children, whom I now refer to as the ABC's (Alec,Bryce,Conner,Drake,Ellie). I have the best and most suppostiing husband in the world! and my couponing show is going great! I am going to end this timeline now, because I have so many todlers to take care of! I am finding it hard to find time to write. Maybe again someday, Goodbye. :)