susana valderrama leon 9-2

Timeline created by leonsusana785
  • birth

    i was born the 21st of may of 2005, it was a magical day for parents
  • First day of class

    First day of class
    the first day i went to the kindergarden i didn^t cry because i wanted to play with the others kids
  • my first dog

    my first dog
    I had a puppy called Doki
  • travel

    i traveled to panama for my dad^s birthday
  • to play

    to play
    I use to go out to play with my friends a lot and I had so much fun.
  • big hit

    big hit
    I went to a familiar reunion, and playing with my cousin's I felt down to the grown and hurt pretty bad my lips. Now I got a big scar.
  • tv favorite

    tv favorite
    when I was 9 years old I loved to watch violeta
  • my grandfather dies

    my grandfather dies
    I had to say good bye to my grandfather because he was so sick... :(
  • I move from country

    I move from country
    When I was 11 years old I went to live with my dad after I finished my primary school
  • high school

    high school
    when I was 12 years old, I went to 6th grade and I felt so happy because I felt bigger.and shared that moment with my brothers