Summer Break Homework

By sgkim16
  • Period: to

    My Cultural Experience

  • Starting to know to respect elders

    In Korea, everyone know that when younger greets elders, younger bows to elders. This is one of the respective way that younger people do in Korea. In United States, when people greets others, they usually shake hands and say 'nice to meet you' or something else to greet others. In Korea, I personally think that respecting elders are more improved than other countries.
  • When I have noticed generous of people

    When I was 7 years old, I heard a story about when I got out my house when I was 5 years old. In that time, parents went to their work, and my grandmother went to buy something. I was sleeping, but they say I got out the door by myself. I was in the bank, which one of the banker hold me for my family to pick me up.
    Fortunitely, my family found me. When I heard that story I was very thankful and surprised. It was first time when I know the generosity of people.
  • Learn to use chopsticks in a proper way

    In the middle of summer, I heave learned a traditional way to hold chopsticks. In this ways I can grab food much easier, and also the rice is not drop easily.
    Before I have learned this way, I always had trouble to hold on the food for long time, since if the food is far away from me and also my dish is far away from food, I am probably going to drop food on my way getting to my dish.
    When I was in Grade 3, this way was hard to understand, since I am used to use chopsticks in inappropraite way.
  • First time calling teachers in a different way

    In Korea, when students call their teacher, they usually call teacher, not their last name or Mr or Mrs. When I went abroad to Canada for first time, I was confused that students are calling teachers by saying Mr or Mrs and their last name. At first I was surprised, since I had never heard students calling teachers by saying last name, but as the time went on, I adjusted it, and acknowledged how to say teachers in United States's way.
  • When I first heard song to study

    In before I have studied with no noise I thought the noise that I'm hearing will bother me and interrupt my work. However one time I heard radio, and heard a song when I was working on my homework. First I thought it was bothering, however as I have kept hearing music I thought as it was helpful. It relaxed my mind, and also it has helped my to concentrate on my work.
    The music was first time that it had helped me on my work, and now I listen to music when I 'm trying to do anything.