• Let`s see what we can found

    Taking advantege of conditions resulting from ottoman Egyptain expoitation and maladministration, the Mahdi led a nationalist revolt culminating in the fall of Khartoum
  • All In

    The Mahdi died shortly thereafter, but his state survived until overwhelmed by an Ango- Egptain force under Lord Kitchener
  • Please Sign

    Britain and Egypt signed a condominium agreement under which the Sudan was to be administered jointly. In the twelve ensuing years, the Sudan's revenue had increased seventeen fold, its expenditure tripled, and its budget reached a balanced state which was to be maintained until 1960.
  • Civil war

    This region had been negatively affect by war for all but 10 years of the independence period, resulting, in serious neglect, lack of infrastructure development, and major destruction and displacement
  • Centuries of association

    Sudan's centuries of association with Egypt formally ended in 1956, when joint British-Egyptian rule over the country ended.
  • In my hands

    Anya Nya controlled most of southern Sudan
  • We need a help and hand

    The Us allocated 20 million in "non-lethal" military assitance to SPLA supporters for defense against opposition groups in their countries back by Sudan
  • Sunday`s Plan

    Norway on Sunday announced plans to host a donor conference for the reconstruction of Sudan if a peace deal is reached to end 20 years of war there, an event many expect before the year is out.
  • Development

    Dutch ministers of defence [Kamp Henk] and development cooperation [Agnes van Ardenne] are expected to arrive in Khartoum this evening on a three-day visit to the country.
  • Signing

    After two years of bargaining, the rebels signed a comprehensive peace deal with the government to end the civil war

    If recent large scale clashes cause loses of $100 billion to the region in addition to incalculable human costs, a coalition of African and Arab