Story of My Life

By WengerP
  • My Birth

    First child born to James and Katherine Lake in Bristol Pennsylvania.
  • Period: to

    Story of My Life

  • First Day of School

    I attended Warren Snyder Elementary School. Although it was just one block from my house, I cried. I missed my mom, dad and little brother.
  • Phillies Win the World Series

    Phillies Win the World Series
    The Philadelphia Phillies beat the Kansas City Royals to win the World Series. My brother and i were allowed to stay up late to watch the game and the celebration.
  • HS Graduation

    Graduating from High School was both a sad and exciting day in my life. I went to a very small school, just 95 other people in my graduating class, so I knew my classmates very well, I knew everything was about to change, but I was excited for the future.
  • College

    I attended WCU.
  • My Wedding Day

    My Wedding Day
    This is the day I married Andrew Wenger. We met in college 6 years earlier. We were assigned to the same dorm and shared many of the same freinds, still do.
  • First Year Teaching at Wilson

    My first year teaching at Wilson. I taught Social Studies at the High School, Southern and Central Junior High School. Four years ago I moved to West Middle School.
  • Birth of my son Matthew

    Birth of my son Matthew
    At 8:59pm, just one minute before the Survivor Finale, Matthew Thomas Wenger was born. Hard to believe that was 14 years ago!
  • Birth of my Daughter Ashley

    Birth of my Daughter Ashley
    Ashley Nicole Wenger was born Friday evening at 5:11pm. Everyone in the family was excited to meet the newest addition to the family.
  • Dream Trip to Italy

    Dream Trip to Italy
    I always wanted to go to Italy. I visited many beautiful citites and towns in the Italian region of Tuscany and the ancient city of Rome.
  • Family Trip tp Costa Rica

    Family Trip tp Costa Rica
    We had quite the adventure in Costa Rica, uncluding ziplining over the Tropical Rainforest.