Story of My Life

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  • Birth

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    Story of My Life

  • Birth of my little sister, Hannah.

  • Started Kindergarten at Fillmore Elementary

  • Broke my left arm

    I broke my arm while playing tag during recess in 3rd grade.
  • Moved into (old) new house in Davenport

    This led me to meet another one of my bestfriends, Rachel, who lived across the street.
  • Started going to the church we go to now

    Met lots of new people, including some very important people in my life
  • Met two of my bestfriends - Elena & Crystal

  • Got my braces on

  • Throughout the entire year I met lots of new friends

  • Moved to Parkview from Davenport

  • Lost one of my best friends

    Over some immature drama and we still aren't friends today
  • First nephew, Leo, is born.

  • Got my braces off

  • Graduated High school

  • Started at undecided College

  • Met my future husband

  • Got my first apartment - not far from home

    I wouldn't be able to stand being far from home
  • Graduated from college

  • Found a job at a law firm as a Paralegal

  • Got married

  • Bought our first house

  • Had my first kid - Girl

  • Bought my first car on my own

    WIthout the help of my parents
  • Had my second kid - Boy

  • Got promoted to a level up from a legal assistant

  • Daughters first day of Kindergarten

    Sad day, they grow up so fast :(
  • Went to Europe for the first time

  • 20 year class reunion

    Wasn't able to make the the 10 year reunion
  • Last grandparent dies

    Sad, I know but its realistic and will effect me a lot.
  • Reunited with my bestfriend ever

    she moved away after high school and I've only seen her a few times