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Story of my life

  • First Two Years

    Memories as a kid were all good times. Playing outside, and fun times at the park.
  • Early Childhood

    I was 5 years old in my early childhood and I remember that I used to eat healthy fruits and vegetebles. My dad is an amazing cook he can make anything look and taste good.
  • Early Childhood Congnitive

    By age 6 my I knew how to speak many words. I began to discover what I wanted to be when I grew up.
  • Cognitive

    As I grew older I began to think clearly and make better decisions. My brain matured over time as I experienced many things to gain knowledge. School is a huge part of my maturity and and it increased my independence tremendously over the years and its a part of who I am today.
  • Early Childhood Psychosocial

    During age 9 I had high self esteem and I began to create my own personal style.
  • Middle Childhood

    In this stage I began to end early childhood and grow into adolescense.
  • Biosocial

    Around this time I began to experience puberty by the growth of my height, sexual maturity, size, and shape. I began to grow into a young lady with my own thoughts emotions, and courage.
  • Middle Childhood Biosocial

    During this stage I didn't grow much I stayed the same skinny girl throughout the years. I grew up independent by taking care of my personal hygiene. For example, cleaning my room, bathing my self and brushing my teeth.
  • Early Childhood Cognitive

    I was going at a really fast pace. There were so many things to do at this age I had unlimited energy. I joined dance teams and cheer teams and I even tried to play basketball over the summer. I applied my skills to concrete situations.
  • Psychosocial

    My psychosocial development I learned to understand many situations and become consistent with my response and have an educated opinion.
  • Middle Childhood Psychosocial

    I hated doing chores at this age. My parents would wake me up in the middle of the night if I didnt complete my chores before I went to bed. My life was so busy with school and other activites I always had set times for all of them.
  • Prenatal Development & Birth

    This is the day that I suspected something suspicious about my body and the way it was responding to different foods and smells.
  • My birthday during pregnancy

    I had an amazing birthday because I got to experience it with family, friends, my unborn child and the man that I love.
  • First Two Years

    First Two Years
    This was the day that I gave birth to my only son 11/11/11 is a day that I will always cherish. He was just a few days old on this picture.
  • Biosocial

    In the beginning of my puberty I remember when I began to have acne here and there and I grew to develop my form of adult size, shape, and sexuality.
  • Death Year

    I dont believe in predicting my death date because no one knows when their time is coming. By staying true to the man above is the only person that has a say in when your time is coming to an end.