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Story of My Life

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    Story of My Life

  • My Parents Move to Korea

    My parents move to Korea because of my father's Job as a pastor. Specifically moves to Nonsan, Korea. Goes to Nonsan Jeil Evangelical Church
  • Puppy

    My parents get a mini-shitzue in Korea from a church member. We name it Coco, because of its white, brown, and black fur. We give it away after 2 years because of the difficulty of taking care of it.
  • Oxford Acceptance

    I learned that me and Jae made it into Oxford Academy while i was home-staying at my church member's house Amazing, an earthquake happens the moment i open the acceptance letter.
  • Trip to East Coast

    My parents, brother, cousin, grandmother, and I go to a trip to the East coast; New York, New Jersey, Manhatten, Canada, Niagra, Washington. I try cold lobster for the first time, as well as ride a helicopter for the first time.
  • My Brother's 21st Birthday

    One of the happiest days of my life. I'm on my way from school and i stop by the mall and get my brother basketball clothes, an I-tunes giftcard, and a brithday card. We have cake with my mother and spend the night playing a korean culteral game.
  • Winter Formal

    I go to formal with Samantha. Have a really great night with friends. Go out to eat Korean Barbeque.
  • New Chruch

    My brother gets a new job as the Sunday School teacher at a friend's church. We make it our new home church and attend there.