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Steps Toward Technology

  • Got my first CD

    Got my first CD
    I got my first CD on my 9th birthday. It was complete with Backstreet Boys. What else could a girl want?
  • Was introduced to my first DVD

    Was introduced to my first DVD
    I know that this is an odd movie to watch during the summer, but my 3 year old sister really wanted to...and the youngest always gets what she wants. This was the first DVD I had EVER seen. I was at my mom's boyfriend's house (my parent's are divorced) and he had a DVD player. I remember how weirded out I was by the fact that a CD played a movie!
  • Got my first cell phone

    Got my first cell phone
    I got my first cell phone in seventh grade. My parents decided I needed one because I was a Lehi cheerleader and needed to be picked up from practice frequently. My family lives in Eagle Mountain (a 15 minute drive from Lehi), so they let me have a cell phone! I was ecstatic, even with only my black and white graphics. Texting had just BARELY become something cool. I remember when my older sister taught me how to text at my grandparents house. This was the phone!
  • Made my first MySpace profile

    Made my first MySpace profile
    Without my mother's permission, I made a MySpace profile. I got in trouble for it when she later found out and I had to delete my profile (MySpace wasn't as high quality as FaceBook is).
  • Got my first iPod

    Got my first iPod
    For Christmas in 9th grade I got my first iPod. A 1 gigabyte white iPod nano. It was later stolen and I was SOOO bummed!
  • Created my FaceBook Profile

    Created my FaceBook Profile
    After my family pushed and prodded me (unlike MySpace), I finally caved in and got a FaceBook. I was hesitant because I did not want to "follow the crowd." EVERYONE was talking about FaceBook!
  • Got my first laptop

    Got my first laptop
    This was a graduation gift from my grandfather. He gave it to me when we were visiting him in California a few months after I graduated from high school.
  • Created my first (and last) blog

    Created my first (and last) blog
    I am not much of a blogger (I want to get better at that) but this was when I created my first blog!
  • Got my first iPhone

    Got my first iPhone
    I got my first iPhone (3S) and I will never go back. Having a Smart Phone has saved my life! I now have the 5 and I LOVE IT!
  • Created my Instagram profile

    Created my Instagram profile
    After I got my iPhone 5 (early Christmas present), one of the first things I did was get an Instagram! I LOVE IT!