Narcissus' Diary

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  • Thursday

    Staring at myself during zoom meetings just like Narcissus is staring at himself in the water while the world around me is falling apart yet again.
  • Friday

    Disappointment creeks into our lives rather seemingly this time of year. After seeing a news story that was announcing that Cluj will not have a Christmas fair this year, to cope with such disappointment my sister began listening to Christmas music.
  • Saturday

    The temperature suddenly dropped to 3°C and lower overnight so for the entirety of the day, I listened to Anne Carson's lectures and discussions on YouTube. Near the end of a particular lecture, a streamed one transmitted in June 2020, Anne introduced to the streamers her final "short talk", an interactive portion meant to encourage the viewers to say at the end of her speech the word "deciduous?" Upon finishing her "short talk" I found myself listening to the digital silence. "Deciduous?"
  • Sunday

    Big Dipper
    Little Dipper
    Foggy city
    Stuffed unicorns
    Buying a mask for a lady waiting outside the store
    Caramel popcorn
    Polling stations
    A crying child
    Melancholic stares
    Longing stares
    Two limping men
    Not really able to capture any of them on my phone
  • Monday

    I went to the city and all I could focus on was a sign on the bus that definitely looked like Samurai Jack and people with icecream are not allowed on the bus.
  • Tuesday

    Today I paid someone to look me in the eyes and tell me what's wrong with me. Judging a person by their hand sanitizer is a thing individuals do.
  • Wednesday

    On my way to my bus, I stepped into someone's barf. I least I hope she or he had fun before their body turned on them.