Stages and Goals of Ross Celestino

By roscel
  • Period: to

    Childhood BEFORE High School

  • Collect All Transformer Toys

    because transormers were the first toys that I was fond of and I thought it was cool that they actually did transform from a car into a robotic human.
  • To Fit In With Other People

    because around second grade, I had more bullies than friends since I was considered the new kid after transferring from St. Peter to Fairview South.
  • Make It Into Honors When I Went Back To St. Peter

    If I did make it into honors, it means I get to have my first DS and they were really popular during this time.
  • Period: to

    High School

  • Graduate from Junior high with Good Grades

    Because from fourth grade to eighth grade graduation in St. Peter, we had this honors system where if you had good grades, you get to come have an honors breakfast right before school starts and have a certificate that says you got honors, high honors, or super honors.
  • Get To Make Some Friends From Other Schools

    During freshman year when I first stepped into Niles West, I didn't expect to see so much people clogging up the hallways. I also didn't know there were people from many different schools in different years. This was when I didn't understand how Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Seniors worked so I assumed everyone was a freshman. Even the people that were big and didn't even look like a freshman, I thought completely wrong. My first ever friend I made in Niles West was from Lincoln Jr High.
  • Learn How to Dance and Play Ukulele

    When I survived Freshman year, I met some unique people who sang, danced, and studied seriously well. I joined Filipino Club and Break Beatz around this time and in Filipino Club, I first encountered someone playing the ukulele, which made me get into it. And in Break Beatz, I wanted to dance as well as everyone else in there.
  • Pass All Of My Classes and Make An Impression for Colleges

    Even though my grades are simply average, the least thing I can actually do is actually do my work so that I understand what all my teachers want me to understand. In Junior year, I want to actually try to enjoy school since I'm nearly halfway done with High School. I want to have a wide choice of colleges and figure out what I want to be and what I enjoy.
  • Get Accepted Into the College of My Choice

    After high school graduation, I want to be able to take my first official steps into the college I always wanted to go to. But at this moment, the colleges I'm interested in are Oakton Community College for my minor classes and University of Columbia for my major classes.
  • Graduate From High School With A Smile.

    Since Senior year will be my last year in Niles West, I will absolutely do my best in my classes so I can end with a good impression and so I can be satisfied with all four years of Niles West. I want to do my best and break the habit of not doing my work so I can accomplish something and learn something new. I want to show my teachers that I learned a lot from them and that I have the ability to do well in school. I want to graduate with the rest of my original class of 2014.
  • Period: to

    Post- High School

  • Continue On With My Part-Time Job

    Remember in Sophomore year when I wanted to dance? I got accepted into a dance studio in Chicago and this is where I currently work. I work only to help my parents pay the house bill and to make new friends that can teach me different styles of dance.
  • Get My Bachelor's Degree

    After all the hard work for two years on my minor classes, I'll hopefully get my Bachelor's Degree and celebrate with a Bachelor's party.
  • Finish College with a Master's Degree

    After the other half of College and hopefully moving into the University of Columbia, I'll try my best to achieve my Master's Degree on Art, Music, or Technology.
  • Have a Full Time Job as a Photographer, Music Artist, or Something Else

    I always wanted to be a Photographer because of the awesome pictures they take and it can be so unbelievable how they took that picture or where they took it. I also want to be a Music Artist and learn different instruments and be able to teach other people how to play. If I'm not able to have these as jobs, then I'll have these two as spare time and just be a full-time worker somewhere in the medical field.
  • Period: to

    Young Adulthood

  • Move Out of My Parent's House

    By this time, I should be able to move out of the house and move into an apartment so I can show them I can be independant and responsible by myself and so I won't be a burden to them. And aroudn this time, I'm done with College, so I should be able to visit them once in a while and thank them for every thing they've done for me.
  • Meet My Official Significant Other

    After all the hook-ups and break-ups I've had in my teenage years, I would want to have my last and final love by this time when I'm around age 30 since I'll be too "old" to hook up for a temporary relationship anymore.
  • Move In With My Girlfriend

    So we can spend time together most of the day and reminisce about the future.
  • Get Married

    After about some time with my significant other, I would make it official and propose to her in a unique way.
  • Move Out of My Apartment With My Wife and Move Somewhere Bigger

    After saving up our money from working extremely hard, we can settle into a house bigger than the apartment we were in.
  • Period: to

    Middle Age Adulthood

  • Have Kids

    Because I believe new souls should have a chance on life and see for theirself why they would enjoy having one. Also to see how our kids would look like and see them grow up.
  • See my Kid(s)'s First Day in School

    Seeing them how they would act like they are now is a huge thing and I hope that my kids will be smart, very kind, and positive. I would want to see my kids making friend right off the bat and get along with everyone and hopefully be happy with school.
  • Spend A Whole Day With My Parents

    So they can see how cute our kid is and to finally catch up with what they've been doing. And I hate seeing them grow old so I would spend a lot of time with them when I still have them both physically and mentally.
  • Finally Retire

    After all the tiring work we've been through, it's time to finally call it out and have our well-deserved rest.
  • Period: to


  • Live Up To This Long

    So that I can tell my life story to all of my grandkids and everyone else and how fun it is to be alive and well. I want to give all the people who encounter me a lesson why it's worth it to be young and agile and how much potential they have. I would be much more than satisfied because at this moment, I'm already having fun.