Spreading of Christianity in Europe

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  • 30 BCE

    Death of Jesus Christ.

    Death of Jesus Christ.
  • 4 BCE

    Birth of Jesus Christ

    Birth of Jesus Christ, in Bethlehem.
  • 325

    First Council of Nicaea

    The first ecumenical council of the Christian church, meeting in ancient Nicaea (now İznik, Turkey).
  • 382


    Saint Jerome begins a translation of the Bible into Latin.
  • 431

    Mother of God

    Mary is declared Theotokos: 'God-bearer' or more commonly, 'Mother of God'.
  • 553

    Second Council of Constantinople

    The Fifth Ecumenical Council of Antiquity in Constantinople in 553 AD. The Ecumenical Council regarded "monophysicism" as a heresy.
  • 731

    Beginning of Ecclesiastical History.

    Bede writes his Ecclesiastical History.
  • 988

    The help

    With the help of Prince Vladimir in Kiev. Growth of Christianity in Russia
  • 1054

    The Great Schism

    The Great Schism happened, which basically was a conflict that split the church into the Western and Eastern branches. This was the first major division in history, and eventually led to modern day branches of Christianity
  • 1095

    The first crusade

    Pope Urban II authorised the first Crusade to recover the Holy Land from Moslems.
  • 1095


    crusades were criticized. People said that crusades probably made the survivors hate Christianity more. Because if someone killed everyone trying to get people to follow a religion, that religion seems pretty evil.