Spiritual Timeline for Josh Hitchcock

  • Accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior

    VBS, this is where I first met Jesus and invited him into my life as a permanent resident.
  • Mom and Dad trial Separation

    This Summer my parents decided to legally separate. My dad moved in with my uncle. My sisters and i stayed with my mom. This was the first time I felt spiritually lost. This depression only lasted a few months and I decided to pick myself up and move forward in life.
  • Period: to

    Jr High youth leader at my church

    ran a mid sized youth group with a couple of my closest Christian brothers and sisters. We would have anywhere from 10-50 neighborhood youth in a given school year.
  • Camp Mayfield

    Made a recommitment to Jesus at Christian Summer camp. I felt the push toward ministry. In the fall of this year, I began working with Jr High aged kids in the inner Southeast neighborhood of Portland.
  • I entered a spiritual depression

    I began to doubt my faith and began looking for other relationships in my life. Because of these cloudy decisions I made some mistakes that could have been devastating to my marriage. Luckily I came to my senses in time to not severly damage my relationship with my wife.
  • Period: to

    Stopped attending Church

  • Period: to

    spiritual funk

    I have been in a spiritual funk for the past 2 years. I have recently started attending church again and am beginning to feel better spiritually.
  • Begin to question my life and the direction I am headed.