By Cicada9
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    My voyage
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    This part of my voyage is the starting point. I was born in a small city called Kulsary located on the west of Kazakhstan. Here I had my first dreams, troubles and lessons.
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    I moved from my small city to the main city of the state, here the growing up part has started. 16th school was a breakpoint in my life because I had to decide what im gonna do with my life in the next few years. I had to study hard to be able to apply for Nazarbayev Intellectual school or KTL, both of them had high prestige at the moment and was considered as one of the most strong and innovative schools.
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    This school taught me valuable lessons, not only in terms of education, but in terms of life. Here I`ve became more mature, started to set goals and develop my interests and hobbies. Met my first love, my friends who remain by this day, who sometimes I`d like to call brothers.
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    My first university was EUAS, where I studied game development programm. But the education was not satisfying, hence I had to give up on this part of my dream for a better future
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    This part of my voyage I haven`t fully grasped, since there is still a long road ahead. Meeting new people, learning new things and working for a brighter future