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  • May 31, 1567

    King James becomes king of Scottland

    King James took the thrown in Scottland, before taking power over England
  • King Charles is born

    King Charles is born
    KIng Charles the first is born, son of King James
  • Start of Stuart Era

    Start of Stuart Era in England
  • King James becomes new king of england

    King James becomes new king of england
    James was the sixth ruler of Scottland though when king Henry died, he didnt have a son to continue the rule. The royal blood line was then traced back to James and therefor he became James the first of England.
  • Gun Powder Plot

    Gun Powder Plot
    A plot by Guy Fox and his accomplices for try and blow up Parliament. The Roman catholics were upset that King James ( protestant) was not giving the catholics any rights. Unfortunatly they got caught when a letter was sent to a priest warning him to leave.
  • King James Bible

    King James Bible
    King James creates his own bible that is later enforced on the scottish people and used for 250 years
  • Death of King James

    james died leaving his high and mightly attitude to his son and his careless actions to everyone else.
  • Charles 1 becomes the new King of England

    Charles 1 becomes the new King of England
    James 1 has just passed and Charles has succeded his father. Adopting his thoughts about absolute monarchy and taxation of people
  • Duke of Buckingham

    Duke of Buckingham
    The Duke of Buckingham , King James 1's right hand man, was killed by Parliament.
  • Charles recalls parliament

    Parliament creates te Petition of rights . Saying that the king had to follow the magna carta. they draw back to the magna carta and remind him that he is breaking the law. Have to have a proper trial with a jury. Have to have evidence for a judgment. Charles conforms because he needs the parliament taxes to fund his lavish life.
  • William Laud is appointed

    William Laud is appointed
    Laud is appointed the new Arch Bishop of Cantabury.
  • New Bible in Scottland

    New Bible in Scottland
    King Charles forces the New King James Bible into the protestant lands of Scottland, saying that if they did not follow, they would be killed. This very much angered the Scottish
  • Scotland defeats the British

    first time in history that the Scottish have defeated the British. Caused by King James sending new bibles into Scottland and angering the protestant people. Parliament was also protestant and so they didnt help the King.
  • Charles disbands short paliament

    Charles disbands short paliament
    after being together for around a month, Charles dissolves short parliament
  • Charles summons Long Parliament

    King Charles calls parliament because he is short on money after the war. Says he will reason with them, but neve does.
  • Earl Strafford

    Strafford is executed, due to his influence on the Kings decisions on taxes and political moves.
  • Court of Star chambers is ebolished

    Court of Star chambers is ebolished
    Court of Star Chambers is ebolished by Parliament
  • Grand Remonstrance

    Grand Remonstrance
    King Charles is forced to sign the grande Remonstrance. This made him 1. Call parliament regularly. 2. Not impose illegal and invented taxes.3. give the control of the army to parliament not the king. 4. Uphold the privilege of parliament. 5. admit his wrong doings which are expressed in grand remonstrance (written by john pym).
  • March on parliament

    King Charles marched on parliament hil trying to arrest the 5 leading memebers of parliament. The idea failed and Charles was sent to excecution.
  • Henrietta goes to Netherlands

    King charles' wife, Henrietta goes to the Netherlands to collect the family jewls to pay for charles army.
  • King Charles @ Nottingham

    King Charles @ Nottingham
    King Charles raises his standards ar nottingham, starting the British Civil War.
  • New Model Army is Created

    New Model Army is Created
    the new model army is created. a group of highly trained soliders lead my oliver cromwell. Fighting for the roundheads ( protestants) and against the king ( cavaliers).
  • Prides purge

    Prides purge
    when troops under the command of Colonel Thomas Pride forcibly removed from the Long Parliament all those who were not supporters of the New Model Army. It is arguably the only military coup d'état in English history.
  • Rump Parliament resumes power over England

    any parliament left over from after prides purge and the civil war
  • King Charles is beheaded

    King Charles is beheaded
    After everything that he had tried to do, Charles ended up being a horrible King and died fighting his own people.
  • King Charles 2 is crowned King of England

    King Charles 2 is crowned King of England
  • Charles 2

    Charles arrives in scottland and takes covanent. ruler of England and Scottland
  • Battle of Dunbar

    Cromwell routs the scouts
  • New Model army defeats Charles

    New Model army defeats Charles
    New model army defeats Charles and the Scots
  • Charles Flees to France

  • Cromwell disbands Rump Parliament

    Cromwell disbands Rump Parliament
  • Lord Protector

    Lord Protector
    Oliver Cromwell is names lord protector of England, the new unelected ruler of Engalnd
  • Oliver Cromwell Dies

    Richard Cromwell sucessed his father as lord protector
  • Richard Resigns

    Richard Cromwell resigns from power and end of the Protectorate.
  • Test Act is passed

    Test Act is passed
    Forbidding anyone but the Church members from holding political office or entering the professions
  • Charles the second dies

    The Glorious Revolution. James II who is openly Catholic takes the throne, however, at that time the majority of England was Anti-Catholic. James II gave high offices to Catholics despite the Test Act. He believed in the Divine Right of Kings and wanted England to return Catholic. did not go well with Parliament
  • William and Mary of Orange

    William and Mary of Orange
    The parliament brought in William of Orange becuase he was a proud Protestant, which was the direction parliament wanted then country to go. This was the first time government had ever elected someone not of direct royal blood to rule england. Mary( James 2's daughter ) was the only person connecting the couple to the thrown. They were power duo.
  • Bill of Rights

    signed by William and Mary, It lays down limits on the powers of the crown and sets out the rights of Parliament and rules for freedom of speech in Parliament. The loyalists to King James 2 feld the country.
  • Commons

    the start of large Commons being converted into enclosures. This had happened before , though now it was large scale. Farmlands were gated and harvested for one purpose ( crops), that benifits the comunity.
  • Invention of seed drill

    Invention of seed drill
    Jethro Tull ( English inventor) created the seed drill, that would plant seeds equally and in rows. The machiene could be pulled by horses and made harvesting very easy.
  • Invention of the Steam Engine

    Invention of the Steam Engine
    invented by Thomas Newcomen, derastically improved production in factories
  • End of Stuart Era

  • Flying Shuttle

    Flying Shuttle
    John Kay invents the flying shuttle. speeds up weaving in the textile industry
  • Cast Iron

    Cast Iron
    Darby creates Cast Iron. Helps the industrial revolution greatly, gives a newer, stronger material to make things out of.
  • First canal is built

    The Bridgewater canal is built by John Gilbert
  • France surrenders Canada to England

  • Royal Procliamation

    Royal Procliamation
    This gave land to first nations in order to successfully continue the fur trade. It also drew a boundry that the explorers of the 13 colonies could not cross. this made the overcrowed cities of the 13 colonies even more crowed and prevented them from expanding. It left its citizens feeling upset and ignored.
  • Sugar Act

    One of the many taxse imposed on the 13 colonies, to pay off the debt from the seven years war. tax on sugar
  • Spinning Jenny

    invented my james hargraves and named after his wife. Machiene that sped up the process of cothing production and also took the place of many spinners.
  • Stamp Act

    Stamp Act
    Charged a tax on paper, this angered the people directly using paper alot. ex. lawyers, writers. and so Britian recieved bad press. This was one of the many taxes that britian imposed without asking the 13 colonies. creating the motto of the revolution " no taxation without representaion."
  • Stamp act Repealed

    after many protests through news papers and lawyers, the main people who were being bothered by the Stamp act. It got repealed after one year.
  • The boston ' masacre'

    The boston masacre was not a masacre in any means. There are two sides of the story and both are not very clear. though only 7 people died in a fight between 8 English soliders on watch and over 400 citizens. The soldiers were attacked untill they fired a shot and these actions were then portrayed in a negative way through the metal works of Paul Reviere.
  • Tea Act

    Tea Act
    The tea act actually lower the price on tea, ensuring that all tea was purchased from the India Tea Company. The citizens of the 13 colonies were very upset with this because 1. it was implyed without representation and 2. tea was a huge part of English life
  • Boston Tea Party

    Not actually a tea party but a raid on the incomming British boats loaded with tea. 342 barrels of tea wre dumped into the adlantic ocean, It was also the Breaking point for the British government
  • Quebec Act

    Quebec Act
    caused a huge uproar among the citizens of the 13 colonies. It expanded the boarders of
  • Intolerable acts

    Intolerable acts
    The Intolerable act s were set in place due to the Boston tea party.1. The Quarting Act - alowing soliders to demand food and a place to sleep anywhere they went. 2. the Boston port act- closing the port of boston impacting the econmy there. 3. Massechusetts Governemnt act 4. and the Administration of justice act
  • Coronation of King Louis the XVI @ Reims

    Coronation of King Louis the XVI @ Reims
  • First Continental Congress

    All of the colonies sent delegates except Georgia, They met in Carpenter's Hall in Philadelphia. There they disscussed their opinions on what Britian was doing to them. They all agreed it was unfair
  • Paul Revere

    Paul revere had his famous ride that night, warning the people in Lexington that the British were comming.
  • Battle of Lexington and Concord

    The Frist Battle of the American Revolution. Took place at Lexington, the British were comming to collect weapons but were attacked by the americans . Still a very organized way of war fare. the " shot heard round the world" was the famous first shot that kick started the war.
  • Second Continental Congress

    Created the continental army lead by George Washington.
  • Battle of Bunker Hill

    Battle of Bunker Hill
    Battle of Bunker hill was actually fought on the hill next to it , Breeds hill. It was won by the English though at the begining, the americans were holding their ground. Giving them mental Strength for next time. Famous line ' only fire until you see the whites of thier eyes."
  • Declaration of Independance

    This was the first formal request from America saysin gthat they wanted to separate from Britian. It did no accomplish the task, it only imformed Britian of what they wanted.
  • Battle of Brooklyn

    Battle of Brooklyn
    Fisrt major battle bettween the Americans and the English
  • Battle of Trenton

    the americans ( lead by George washington ) crossed the Deleware river and captured all of the hessians on the other side,
  • Battle of Princeton

    Battle of Princeton
    Another american victory, drove the British out of New Jersey.
  • Battle of Saratoga

    Turning point of the revolutionary war. British General Burgoyne's 3-pronged attack failed and he surrendered as a result. This battle convinced the French to help the Americans by supplying ammunition, money and eventually ships. Lafayette helped out with this.
  • Battle of Yorktown

    Battle of Yorktown
    the americans defeat the british in their final battle over the 13 colonies. America claims its indipendance physically by winning the war. The battle that won the war with the help of the French
  • Treaty of Paris was signed

    Declairing officially that America was its own country and the British agreeing to their request by signing the document
  • Third Estate becomes National Assembly

    After Louis XVI locked the third esate out of the building, they found a tennis court in the castle to meet in and vowed never to stop untill the king was gone.
  • Declaration of the rights of man

    The National Assembly wrote the Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen which is very similar to America's Declaration of Independence
  • The Bastillle

    the national assembly stormed the Bastille prison. Literally tearing it apart piece by piece. The did not commence the riot because they wanted to free the prisoners, but to murder the general on duty and to get the weapns inside.
  • storming @ Versialles

    an angry mob of women had heard rumours that Marie was hiding bread inside the palace, and so they stormed the castle trying to kill her. many many people joined her. The King and Queen agreed to come to Paris with them .
  • Royal Family trys to escape

    Royal Family trys to escape
    while being trapped in paris at the mercy of the people the Royal family snuck out ant tried flee to austria. ( Marie's home country ) knowing that they could get military help to regain their thrown.
  • France Declaires war against Austria

    France Declaires war against Austria
  • invention of the Guillotine

  • National Convention

    The first meeting of the National Convention (constitutional and legislative assembly of France) Robespierre and Marat were present
  • Death of King Louis XVI

    Death of King Louis XVI
    Death by guiotine. was killed because the people felt betrayed after he tred to flee to austria.
  • Reign of Terror

    Reign of Terror
    people were being mass murdreed at the will of Robes Pierre because they were supected of being associated with the royals. many many people were killed by the guillotine.
  • Death of Marat

    Death of Marat
    Jean Paul Marat is murdered in his bath tub by a woman who had enough of his insulting an overwhelming newspaper.
  • Death of Robespierre

    Death of Robespierre
    Robes pierre was excecuted after declairing he had made a finally list of people to be murdered. Everyone in the National Convention agreed he needed to go and so the very thing he created killed him.
  • Factory Act

    this act amde it illegal for childeren for childeren to be at work for more than 12 hours a day.
  • Napolean Crowned Emperor

    Napolean Crowned Emperor
    was a war war leader that was elected emperor. He actually to the crown from the Pope's hands and crowned himself ruler.
  • Napolionic Code Created

    code stating that nobody will have special rights because of birth.
  • Crowns Joseph Bonapart King of Naples

    Napolean would conqoure land and give it to his family members to rule.
  • Napolean escapes from Elba

    After being defeated and exiled to Elba by the other leaders of Europe, he heard that he was needed againby his people and escaped.
  • Napolean is exiled for the last time

    Napolean is exiled to st. Helena, and island where there is no excaping what so ever. After ralying a french army and starting the 100 days campagne he is sent there to die. And he does.
  • Factory Act 2

    this act made it illigal for a child under the age of 9 years old to be hired in the textile industry.
  • Death of Napolean

    Death of Napolean
  • Invention of the " Rocket"

    a locomotive ( steam engine) that could pull cars on railways. It was the fastest machiene n the world, with a record breaking speed of 39km/hour. built by George and Robert Stephenson.