Socialization Celebration

  • Family/Birth-Toddler

    When I was a toddler, my family taught me how to walk and talk. They were very important in my life because they were the basic building blocks of everything else that I could be taught or do. They taught me this so I could develop into a normal human in society. When I was smaller, my dad would take me by the hands and walk around with me to get me to learn to walk. He would also read a book to me everyday. I can’t thank my parents enough for what they taught me in these early years. I really o
  • Family/Birth-Toddler (Continued)

    Family/Birth-Toddler (Continued)
    we it to my family for what they have taught me.
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    My Age

  • School/Birth-Toddler

    When I was a toddler, I went to daycare. They taught me communication and more vocabulary. They built on what my parents already taught me. Also, by mixing me with other children, they helped my communication skills by teaching me to communicate with other people and to become more sociable. Communication is essential in today’s world. People with poor communication skills don’t go as far as people that have good communication skills. I can thank daycare for my ability to communicate well.
  • Peers/Birth-Toddler

    My peers taught me how to share when I was a toddler. Sharing is not only an important life lesson, but it is also important because no one wants to be around a person that doesn’t know how to share. There were countless times when I was told to share my toys with others. Most children hate sharing but what they don’t realize is that it makes the other child feel good. It took me years to figure that out. Now, I love to see he reaction on peoples’ face when I share with them. I owe it to my peer
  • Peers/Birth-Toddler (Continued)

    Peers/Birth-Toddler (Continued)
    s for showing me how to share.
  • School/Birth-Toddler

    ability to communicate well.
  • Mass Media/Birth-Toddler

    Mass Media/Birth-Toddler
    From the time I was born to a toddler, mass media taught me to be versatile. You can live without being versatile or flexible in some way. An example would be when a major news story occurred. My parents lives would change because of this and then indirectly change mine. If the news said the stock market crashed and my parents lost a lot of money, then I would probably have to switch to generic baby food that doesn’t taste as great. Learning versatility at an early age is never a bad thing. Than
  • Mass Media/Birth-Toddler (Continued)

    Mass Media/Birth-Toddler (Continued)
    hanks to mass media, I am a very versatile person.
  • Mass Media/Toddler-School Age

    Mass Media/Toddler-School Age
    When I was just a toddler about to start school, mass media taught me selflessness. I remember when I was four years old, 9/11 happened. I remember it being on the news a bunch and how a lot of people were upset. I thought that there were a lot of people out there, and it’s not all about me. Even at a young age I thought how terrible it must have been for the families and the country as a whole to lose many lives. Society appreciates a selfless person. I’m glad mass media taught me to be selfle
  • Mass Media/Toddler-School Age (Continued)

    Mass Media/Toddler-School Age (Continued)
    ss at such an early age.
  • Peers/Toddler-School Age

    Peers/Toddler-School Age
    When I was toddler to school aged, my peers taught me how to have fun. Everyday at daycare we would play games together and have a fantastic time! Having fun is extremely important in life because if you don’t, life would hardly be worth living. There have been many times that I’ve had more fun that I could imagine, but one of those times was when I when I went to Texas last summer. I wouldn’t have had such a great time if I didn’t know how to have fun. I’m so happy that my peers were there to t
  • Peers/Toddler-School Age

    Peers/Toddler-School Age
    o teach me how to have fun!
  • Family/Toddler-School Age

    Family/Toddler-School Age
    From the time I was a toddler to school aged, my family taught me how to use manners. A simple “thank you,” “please,” or “you’re welcome” will go a long way in life or when talking to someone. Whenever someone handed me something or did something nice for me, my parents would ask me “What do you say?” By teaching me manners, they were setting me up to get more respect and honesty from others. Also, when people use manners, society thinks higher of them. I’m grateful that my parents taught me man
  • Family /Toddler-School Age (Continued)

    Family /Toddler-School Age (Continued)
    ners because without them, I wouldn’t be taken as seriously by adults. My hat goes off to my parents for teaching me manners.
  • School/Toddler-School Age

    School/Toddler-School Age
    I was taught creativity when I was toddler to school aged at daycare. It was important that they taught me this because creativity allows you to be more diversified. They taught me by letting me draw and paint pictures. Also, when I played with other children, we would create little situations of life. We would play “house”, “doctor”, and “school”. Being creative helps me think critically and write better. It helps me in school so much that it is an important key factor in my success. Without cr
  • School/Toddler-School Age (Continued)

    School/Toddler-School Age (Continued)
    eativity I wouldn’t be able to learn things in new ways.
  • Mass Media/Elementary School

    Mass Media/Elementary School
    When I was in elementary school, I was taught how to entertain myself by mass media. Watching television was one of my favorites. I would look on the Internet for things to do. It was very helpful to my parents to have me entertained so that I wouldn’t pester them with how bored I was. Society wants people who know how to self-entertain so because, like my parents, they don’t want to hear how bored someone is. Self-entertaining is kind of a responsibility to do something instead of nothing, whic
  • Mass Media/Elementary School (Continued)

    Mass Media/Elementary School (Continued)
    h is a fantastic work habit. Mass media is responsible for my ability to self-entertain.
  • Peers/Elementary School

    Peers/Elementary School
    My peers taught me who my real friends were in elementary. This information is important to know because it’s important to know who you can rely on for certain things. Friends shape who you are so it’s vital to pick the right ones. I remember in third grade, at recess my friend left to play with someone else. I felt hurt because I thought she was a real friend. That’s when another girl stepped up and played with me instead. This made me think how my first friend was not a real friend and the sec
  • Peers/Elementary School (Continued)

    Peers/Elementary School (Continued)
    This made me think how my first friend was not a real friend and the second one was. In elementary, my peers taught me how to differentiate friends.
  • Family/Elementary School

    Family/Elementary School
    In elementary school, my family taught me independence. My dad thinks it very important for children to be independent. He taught me independence by telling me to vacuum the stairs with this tiny vacuum every Saturday. I absolutely hated cleaning all thirteen stairs! But now that I looked back on it, he didn’t ask me to do much. He was just trying to teach me how real life is. As I look at others that don’t have to do any chores, I think to myself, “It’s kind of unfair that they don’t have to do
  • Family/Elementary School (Continued)

    Family/Elementary School (Continued)
    any chores.” But then I think, “I’m glad my dad pushed me to do chores because life is unfair. I can’t thank my dad enough for this important life lesson.
  • School/Elementary School

    School/Elementary School
    In elementary school, my school taught me discipline. Discipline is important because without it, I wouldn’t be responsible to get anything done or to act appropriately. Discipline is essential to keep things orderly. They taught discipline through punishment. I remember in second grade, I was misbehaving and I got my name written on the board. I remember I was disappointed in myself and never did what I did again. Discipline was a very important lesson in my life.
  • Mass Media/Middle School

    Mass Media/Middle School
    When I was in middle school, I learned how to open my eyes to the rest of the world through mass media. In school, we would watch the news everyday and that inspired me to watch it at home, also. I was shocked by many of the stories that came on the news and it made me realize how big the world actually is. Having open eyes makes for a well-rounded person, and being well-rounded is what society looks for. I like having the element of surprise that comes with having open eyes. I have mass media
  • Mass Media/Middle School (Continued)

    Mass Media/Middle School (Continued)
    to thank for the open-eyed part of me.
  • Family/Middle School

    Family/Middle School
    In middle school, my family taught me responsibility. Responsibility may be the most important characteristic a parent can teach a child. It goes hand in hand with independence. My parents taught me responsibility by telling me to do my homework, waking up on time, managing my time, planning, and getting what needs to get done finished. An example is how I must clean my bathroom every Saturday. I don’t enjoy doing this but if I don’t, I have to deal with a dirty bathroom for another week. If I h
  • Family/Middle School (Continued)

    Family/Middle School (Continued)
    adn’t be taught responsibility, I would be an absolute mess with stress and poor work habits. I truly value my responsibility lessons from my parents.
  • School/Middle School

    School/Middle School
    When I was in middle school, my school taught me how to critically think. Critical thinking is essential in today’s world because in every career out there, one would have to think critically. Everyday that I would have math class, my brain would be pushed to its limit. My teacher told me that it’s good when my brain starts to hurt because it means my brain is getting smarter. If I want to be in the medical field when I grow up and make a living off of it, critical thinking would probably be the
  • School/Middle School (Continued)

    School/Middle School (Continued)
    most important lesson school could ever teach me. Critical thinking will get me through life. Although thinking critically may not be fun, I’m glad my school is teaching me how because of the fact that it is so important.