Sister Irene

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  • The birth of Sister Irenen McCormak

    Her Life (
    Sister Irene was born in a town in Western Australia. As the moment she came to this world, her mission was help out those in need.
  • Sister Irene joins the Sisters of St. Joseph

    Sister Irene McCormack joins the Sisters of St. Joseph to help people who are in need. She dislike to see people in the streets who had to suffer.
  • Sister Irene becomes a novices

    When she joined the Sisters oft St. Joseph, Sister Irene was trained as an apprentice
  • Sister Irene took her first Vow

    Sister Irene recieved her first vow order.
  • Sister Irene took her last vows

    Sister Irene has taken her last vows. This was a tremendous time for her.
  • Sister Irene graduated from Uni W.A

    Sister Irene has finshed her Uni degrees and was Graduated.
  • finish teaching in schools

    After finshing Uni, she went to teach kids. She spent 30 years of teaching when she decided to stop for a bit.
  • Sister Irene left to Haashiama in Peru

    Sister Irene came to Haashiama to teach people there and support them in their life.
  • Sister Irene went to Peru

    Sister Irene went to Peru to help out those who needed help in their life.
  • Sister Irene was murdered

  • Period: to

    Life of Sister Irene