Siobhan Reynolds Autobiography

  • THe Boys

    THe Boys
    This photo is of my two brothers Alex and Eric and my two cousins Ben and Jack. The one at the back of the photo with the green gun is Eric and the one with the other gun is Alex the one close to Alex is Ben and the one lying on Ben is Jack. The day was so much fun because the boys were pretending that they were big soldiers and they were running around like crazy and shooting each other with their shotguns. They had a great day.
  • The Wedding day

    The Wedding day
    This is a photo of my nan and my little brother William at my mum and dad wedding we all had a great time William looked so cool and my Nan looked beautiful and as did mum. I love this photo of my Nan and my bother. The day was great because all of the people had a great time and we all were so happy.
  • Christmas present

    Christmas present
    This photo is of my dad putting together my little brothers William Christmas present that he got form my uncle Ben. He was so happy and William really liked it. I was so hard to put together it was funny because William was trying to help Dad. That night dad finished putting it together William was so happy. He played with it all night and all the next day he was so happy.
  • Laser skirmish

    Laser skirmish
    The best weekend because I got to go to my good friend Jacob 16th birthday party were we got to play laser skirmish it was so much fun running up and down the hills and hiding in his mums garden. Then we had diner and after diner we all watch a scary movie and all the way through the movie the boys kept on scary me.
  • Year ten at my old school

    Year ten at my old school
    This photo was taken at my year10 at my old school before I stared at St Peter Clever College. I’m with one of my best friend Laura it was a great night because we all had a great time. The food was great and I had a good time because at the end of the night we got all of the balloons filled with helium.
  • William

    This is my little brother William I was trying to take a good photo of him because we have no nice photo of him because he likes to make funny faces at the camera and I need to get a portrait photo for my photography assessment.
  • The fete

    The fete
    This is me and my friend Alicia at my nan school fete last year we had a great day because we got to go on rides all day and eat all the lollies we wanted I got so sick at the end of the day. Alicia was my first friend a St Peter Clever College. July 13th 2011
  • KIds Story

    KIds Story
    This photo is my little brothers and my little sister. They were helping me with one of my English assignment last year were I had to make up a kid story. I took the photo of them because I was not here when the class did it at school, so I got my little brothers and sister to dress up like the characters in my story. They had a great time doing it, they love dressing up and getting their photo taken.
  • My Georgia

    My Georgia
    This photo is of my little sister Georgia climbing in a tree at my nan's home. She think's that she is a big explorer she said that she is trying to find the lost treasure. It was so funny too see her play these games. I asked my nan if I had an imagination like that when I was her age. Nan said yes but a lot worse. I used to run around at the shop and pretend I was a big explorer.
  • My Car

    My Car
    This is my baby I got her last year before my work shut down all of my saving went to buying my first car. I had to take on a lot more shifts at IGA so that I could have enough money to buy my car.
  • The best valentine's day.

    The best valentine's day.
    I actually found a coke bottle with my name on it. I had said to my entire friend that they could not find my name on any coke bottle but one of my friends did and she bought it for me. I feel so loved that she got it for me. The best valentine's day.
  • The party

    The party
    This photo is of me and one of my best friend Sarah at one of her work friends sweet 16th birthday party. Sarah ask her work friend if she could take me because she didn’t know anyone there her work friend said yes she could. So the next afternoon Sarah came and got me and we went to the party and we had a great night to gather.
  • Food

    When I went to the dance party in Ipswich I and Tia had to get diner so I bought McDonalds for use. Then Tia bought desert we shared one piece of cake it was so good. It was a cookies and cream cheese cake it was so good and people were looking that us funny because she stared from one end and I was eating it form the other.
  • Lat Night

    Lat Night
    Me and my best friend Tia at late night shopping at rive link the first time that Tia has been late night shopping in her life. We went to the fire work show that started at 7.00pm and after we went to have a look in all the shop and we had a great time in the hat shop. It was so fun taking photos and we look so awesome doing it.
  • Tattoes

    This photo show my wrist have the yin and yang and also my friend Tai wrist having Star of David on her s they are not real tattoo we got them do at the Ipswich festival . To show that we had a good time and also to make my Nan freak out.
  • Street Party

    Street Party
    Tia and Me on our way to the big street party in Ipswich we are so excited to go out. We had so much fun on the way to the street party because Tia met some of her friends so I got to meet them and make new friends.
  • Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck

    Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck
    Me and Miss Tai at Springfield having a great day because we got to see bugs bunny and Daffy Duck. The day was nice and hot and after we got to see bugs bunny and Daffy Duck we went over to the shop to have a look around and to get some food for luck
  • QLD and NSW

    QLD and NSW
    There is a little town on the border of QLD and NSW there is a little town called Texas that is where my nan was born and where she went to school. This is the Texas river. When Nan came up to Texas to visit her mum we used to go down to the drive to play. I took this photo because this is one of my favourite places in the world to be.
  • The home

    The home
    I have taken this photo because this is the house that my nan grew up in. I have to take photo of the house because it has be sold because my nan mum passed away about six months ago. We have to go get all of nan belongings out of the house so that she can pass down the heritage. we will never forget where she lived and grew up.
  • A bonfire night

    A bonfire night
    A bonfire night at my youth group it was get to meet all different people and I have made some new friends outside of school. The boys kept on adding things to the fire and the we got ask does hot air rise or does it sink and what do we use fire for. The we got to talk to other people and I was trying to remember all of the boys names it was so hard because I did want them to get offended if I got them mixed up. Then they were trying to come up with a nickname for me because they will forget it