sindy ramirez life

By sindy
  • when i was born

    My mom was at a Mexican Revolution festival when she suddenly had contractions and was rushed into the Hospital
  • My first birthday!

  • My first steps!

  • Fist day of school

    Elementary school!
  • Me in second grade, and the Twin Towers Falling down.

  • My continuation:D

  • My First day as a Skinner Scorpion!

    I was really scared of going to middle school!
  • The day my little sister was born.

  • My continuation

  • My quince:D

  • Getting Accepted into C.E.C/ coming to C.E.C

  • Going to washinton D.C!

    I went to washinton D.C in eight grade and it was awesome.! We visited Philadelphia, Virginia, Atlanta, Wasington and many other cool places.
  • Sophmore year!!

  • My grandma passing away.

    Sad, Sad ,Sad.
  • Going to Telluride!