• I was born

    I was born. This is my birth date.
  • the day i met my best friend

    I met taryn she's kinda my best freind. Well i met her after she moved to toronto from stratford
  • Day I discovered anime

    the day I discovered anime.
  • the day my grand father died :(

    this was the day my grand my father died, i was only 7 at the time and he died kinda before christmas so it was a sad christmas that year.
  • I came to Duke of Connaught

    I came here in 2009 for the french program. I was in grade 4. I started late in the year.
  • day i bacame an otaku(anime loveing freak)

    that was the day i became an otaku. Otaku means an anime loveing freak..
  • the day i meet my aunt and cousin for the first time

    This was my fist time meeting my aunt and cousin. My aunt bought me an beaver tail(it was my fist one too)