Significant Events of my Life

  • Alex's birthday

    My brother plays an important role in my life. We have great times together and help each other out. He has definitely made my life much more enjoyable.
  • Move from China to Canada

    Moving from Hong Kong to Mississauga was, by far, the biggest change of my life. The people in both places are completely different; but luckily, I knew how to speak English well when I came to Canada as I went to an International School when I was younger in Hong Kong.
  • First day of school

    Though moving from China to Canada was already a big difference, I was never really forced to move out of my comfort zone until I went to school. This is because I had to introduce and interact with people I had never met before.
  • Spelling Bee champ

    The ACSI Spelling Bee was my first academic achievement. I was the top person of my grade, so I represented my school in competing against over 40 other schools. The achievement of winning first place was a realization as a child that my hard work could be paid off and rewarded.
  • Trip to Hong Kong

    Finally, after four years of staying in Canada, I went back to Hong Kong during the summer vacation. It was a great opportunity for me to remember my birthplace and meet my family back in China.
  • First degree black belt

    Receiving my first black belt was a significant event of my life as it was my first time achieving a major short-term goal. I am currently a third degree, but I feel that my first degree was the most memorable.
  • National Tae Kwon Do champ

    After receiving the black belt, I immediately competed in the Taekwondo National Championships held in New Brunswick. Besides winning, I was able to visit my parents' high school and university. It was a great experience!
  • Piano scholarship and credit

    The scholarship from the Peel Music Festival was an awesome encouragement for my musical career. As well, I received a grade 12 credit by completing grade eight piano and the Advanced Rudiments course.
  • Cruise trip

    This was my first time going on a cruise and it was definitely very fun. There was a water park, golf course, casino and several restaurants. The ship traveled from Orlando to Key West and back.