Significant Events

By raxel!
  • Moving to Philippines

    this is a huge life event for, not only me, but my family. I moved to the Philippines from France to live with my sisters, father and grandparents (leaving my Mother in France). this move influenced the way I grew up. growing up in different places can definitely affect the way you are raised. each country have their own cultures and beliefs which is then passed down to young kids.
  • Coming to Canada

    this is a huge transition for me (mostly because I was leaving my entire life behind) Met my Mother again after several years. struggled to make friends at first,then got comfortable enough to socialize with my peers in elementary school. I have been influenced by this event mentally. I was educated in the right way. I've been more open minded than I would have if I didn't come here. It was truly a challenge for me to leave my best friends behind and lose contact.
  • Passing of my uncle

    my uncle had suicided when I was young. this influenced me greatly in a way that I couldn't express my feelings. this life event was very unexpected for me and my family
  • Introduced a new family member

    My younger brother, Blake, was born. I became an older brother. I finally had the role I've always wanted considering I had two older sisters (making me the youngest then)
  • Conan Gray concert

    I got to attend one of my favorite artists' concert with my best friends. It was normal for everyone to scream the lyrics of the songs that was being played in the stadium. this influence made by appreciate music even more
  • Got a dog

    Got a puppy (Boxador = Boxer/Labrador mixed) Named her after a paw-patrol member (Skye. Which was requested by my younger brother) this is one of the biggest event in my life because I wanted to get a dog. this change influenced my mental health. having a dog to walk and play with calmed me down when I was extremely stressed. it gave me a reason to go out and get air.
  • Joined a sports team

    I joined the ultimate frisbee varsity team at our school. I got to speak and meet great people and even make friends. this helped me communicate to people during stressful situations and helped me work at a fast paced environment. everyone had a role in the team and each of them were very important.
  • Appendicitis

    I was in my bed for a few days with an upset stomach and I couldn't let any gas out. I eventually went to the hospital and found out that my appendix was about to burst and so I had to undergo an emergency surgery and stayed at the hospital for a day. this event has taught me to take care of myself more. I do not want to feel the same pain I had before. It was a traumatic experience. life event.
  • I became an uncle

    my sister gave birth to my nephew, Kai. this is a huge life event for me and my family. we were brought a little bundle of joy during the pandemic. I got the role as an uncle
  • Being accepted to a university

    going to university to study psychology and maybe become a therapist. this will be huge life event considering I like psychology. this will influence my life as a whole, determining my future as a person in the psychology field
  • Majored in Psychology

    graduated university and got a degree in psychology. this will influence or determine my future greatly as to this will affect my job. I would have a role as a psychologist after receiving the degree.
  • Move out

    move out of my family home and live with my bestfriend. this will influence me by making me more independent and rely less on my parents to do everything for me and is the first step into adulthood.
  • Become a streamer

    Live streaming games and building a community that promotes mental health awareness and supports the community. giving myself a role in this community to help others.
  • Move to Salem/New York

    Living somewhere else other than Canada. this will influence me by making myself live on my own without the help of my parents or friends.