Significant changes

  • My Change

    I have made many changes to my magazine from my original plan because when I finished my magazine I looked at my pages and I felt that there were many white spaces and my magazine looked very blank and boring. As my genre is RN’B it means that I want my page to be exciting and interesting and therefore this means I am able to then attract my target audience which are people from 16-24 year olds.
  • House Style

    I looked at many different magazines to get inspiration and I looked at a masthead from Bilboard magazine and it was very colourful and I thought this would work well with my genre but when I actually finished using this house style I didn’t like it and I thought it looked like it was meant for a younger audience and also because I used red, green and yellow it was very hard to use these colours all the way through I think it made my magazine look a bit chaotic.