Shirley temple 1

Shirley Jane Temple Black

By PeggyF4
  • Birth

    I was born in Santa Monica, California on the 23rd of April in year 1928.My father’s name is George. My mother’s name is Gertrude.I have two brothers named John and George Jr.
  • Mrs. Meglin's Dance School

    I was brought to the dance studio at age 3. I was younger then most when I started there, but I learned a lot of dancing. I got my first job when I was there and Hal Roach came to see me and all of the other students and chose me.
  • Fox FIlms

    I spent many years making movies and pictures in my early childhood. I spent years in fox being under a two year contract.
  • The Little Pricess

    THis was a movie that I acted in and took 2 years to tape all of it. This movie was about how my daddy had to go out to war and it was the first time we were seperated...
  • Graduation and marraige

    I graduated from Westlake Highschool and married sergeant John Agar. I married him soon after we had a daughter named Linda Susan but after putting up with him for 18 monthes. We got divorced. He did too much partying and drinking.
  • Family Vacation

    When we had a vacation after my acting career was over we took a trip to Hawaii, where I met my future husband. His name is Charles Black. With my last two children CHarles Alden and Lori Alden my family was complete.
  • Congress

    When I was 39 I ran to be a member of Congress though I didn't get in I had many great ideas. The main reason I didn't get in was because people veiwed me as a child star.
  • More Politics

    What with all my great ideas I continued trying to achieve getting up higher in the ranks and I soon became secretary of state.
  • Ghana

    I was set up as an ambassador to ghana by President Gerald R. Fordas.
  • Ambassador

    President Gearge Bush set me up to be an ambassador to Czachoslavokia.
  • The Death Hoax

    The Death Hoax
    Someone came up with the idea to spread a rumor that I was dead today. Yet they started the rumor about a year ago. I did not have a tramtic death, but I am still alive
  • Now

    I currently live in Woodside, California. I am happily married with three children after my long hard life of a lot of acting, dancing, and being an ambassador.