Shaylon Page

By core22
  • my first time playing a sports/searching for true self

    when i was little i wanted to play a sport but i could only do one sport so i had to pick between cheerleading or soft ball so i was trying to find which was best for me.
  • had to get braces/ revealing i am unique

    i had to get braces because i lost my baby teeth and my big teeth never grew in this connects with Laurence because he was showed he was going to be brave an help his father try and get the rat
  • hard ship/tragedy lost my uncle

    i lost my best friend my uncle Larry he was the person i could alway come to i grew up around him this connects with Laurence because he could not play sports an he really wanted to it was hard for him
  • i moved with my grandma

    i didn't want to live with my parents so i moved with my grandma
  • hardship/tragedy lost my aunt

    i mean i knew my aunt but i didn't at the same time but i grew up but this connects with Laurnce because he had struggles in life like asthma an because of that he could not play sports and his lungs failed him
  • hardship/5th grd

    when i was in school one year i didn't pass math so i felt like i was not good at it so i wanted to give up this connect with the time Laurence didn't feel like he was good at anything
  • moved in with my dad/ denying true self

    i moved in with my dad me and him would do things like play basket ball together but the reason why i moved in with him because it felt more like home to me so this connects with larunce because at first he felt as if eddy was the only true son but then he got his special time
  • started middle school

    i started 6 grade
  • got my first kiss

    this boy at the school dance
  • ask to be a model

    well my dad and his girl friend got a phone call and they wanted me an my sister to come in for a some shoot but we never went to it because it was 4 hours away
  • first time hunting/ revealing i am unique

    most people have to practice but i was really good at it this but i didn't really like killing animals connects with laurnce because he was didn't really like killing things ether
  • went to disney land

    first time ever
  • my great grandma died

    i didnt't really get to see her that much
  • danced with my dad at the school dance

  • played my first instrument

    it was the flute
  • first wedding i ever been in/ revealing i am unique

    i got to be in my aunt's wedding that was the first wedding i ever been in. this connects with laurnce because he got his first time to show he was unique bye helping his dad.
  • i don't like my dad so i moved with my mom

    i never told my dad i was leaving i just left
  • Went to my first concert

    my first concert was Brantley Gilbert
  • hardship/started a new school which was my first year at Hawley middle school

    i scared . this connects with laurnce because he was scared to shoot the gun i think
  • her first birthday i didn't get to spend time with her normally i'm with my sister on her birthday

    i miss my sister she was like my best friend but i don't get to see her like that because she lives with my dad and that is 4 hours away