Shannon's Timeline

  • Period: to

    From the first two year until death

  • Realized feelings

    Started realizing the differences between happy, sad, anger, etc.
  • Teething began

  • Baby steps

  • Started having bad seperation anxiety with my parents

  • First ear piercing

  • I could count to ten

  • First dentist trip

  • Making friends

    Started making friends on my own
  • Swimming

    First time swimming in the deep end without help.
  • Developed morals right from wrong

  • First sport

    Started playing t-ball
  • Started seeing body changes on myself

  • Self-esteem and friends started making an impact on my life

  • Grades in school were changing

  • First kiss

    I got dared to go and kiss my boyfriend, on the LIPS! scary stuff when you're in 7th grade.
  • First menstrual cycle

  • Entered highschool

  • First serious boyfriend

    Fell head over heals for a guy who went to my high school, Jeston.
  • So in love

    First time ever saying "I love you" to a boy, and truly meant it.
  • Broke my wrist

  • Death in the family

    My 19 year old cousin Jeffrey passed away.
  • First emotional stress experience

    I had to choose which college I wanted to attend and what career I wanted to pursue.
  • Moral development experience

    Found out what is right from wrong pertaining to the law.
  • First tattoo

    I got a tattoo for my 18th birthday
  • First break-up

  • First hearbreak

    My boyfriend and I broke things off, I was completely upset. Thought I would never love again.
  • First room-mate

  • Bought my own car for the first time

    No more 2001 Mercury Cougar, but here came the bills and payments.
  • I started dating Brad.

    Awesome guy who really makes me feel on top of the world.
  • I'm an Aunt to an Angel

    My sister had to deliver at 6 months, baby Aria did not survive. R.I.P
  • First time asked to be in a wedding

    My bestfriend, age 21 is engages and asked me to be a brides maid in her wedding next May.
  • Graduate from Schoolcraft

    Graduate with my Associate's!
  • 21 and legal

    Out celebrating my birthday with great family and awesome friends.
  • Enter Sonography Program

    My program for Diagnostic Medical Sonography begins.
  • Bestfriends Wedding

    Sharing and celebrating a beautiful time in my bestfriends life with her!
  • Finished with School!

    Program ends and I am now a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
  • Start to my career

    Get offered a job after doing my program at Henry Ford Hospital, I take the job and love it!
  • I'm Engaged!

    Brad and I get engaged.
  • Sisters wedding

    I am the maid of honor and having a blast celebrating my sister and brother-in-law Nicholas' wedding.
  • Brother is now a commercial Pilot

    His dream since he was little.
  • Marriage, "I Do"

    Well, this is the time I would like to be married. So, hopefully!
  • First Baby

    Time to deliver my first baby and start a family.
  • Second Baby

    Second baby is on his/her way!
  • Loving my job!

    Been a Sonographer for 8 years and still love going to work everyday!
  • Third Baby

    Last, by not least, third baby is now here.
  • Grey hairs are starting to emerge

    No one wants them, pretty much everyone gets them! :(
  • My baby starts kindergarden

    Growing up so fast..
  • Skin starts to age

    Wrinkles, oh no!
  • I turn 40

    oh no.....
  • I begin metopause

    I'm what I told myself I wouldn't do..act like my mother when she went through metopause. But jeez, I'm cranky!
  • I have a grandbaby!

    I am now a grandma
  • Baby's are starting families

    All by babies are getting too big!
  • Brad and I get away for a vacation

    For his birthday, we get away and go to the bahamas for a week and enjoy ourselves.
  • Mother passes away

    A nice and quiet death.
  • Father passes away

    Also a nice and peaceful death
  • First Christmas without my parents

    The whole family is upset this just isn't the same not going to 'grandma & papas' for the first time since they were born.
  • Losing weight

    I had a doctors appointment. I'm being thin and fragile..
  • Husband has a heart attack

    Brad has a heart attack from all the bad food he eats, he will be okay though.
  • My time to go

    After having a nice birthday celebration with my family, I laid down in bed where I then passed away peacefully.
  • My husband passes

    We both lived a long life, he lived an extra year than I did but now were in heaven together and with others we love and missed.