shanice's timeline

By sha112
  • born

    I joins the family.When they brought me home the gave me a nice room and toy!!I was happy when my mom told me how I was when Iwas a baby.
  • Period: to


  • 9/11

    Terrorist destoryed the twin towers and millions of people died because of that.My mom was scared she thought they might come in philly next so she took me out from daycare.
  • kindergarden

    Its my first day of kindergarden and I met alot of new friends and teachers .Plus till this day I'm friends with them and still know the teachers.
  • bro day

    bro day
    My brother sakai was born. it was fun but i was jelous because they will give them too much attention.It was the best day ever when I knew I had a brother.
  • death of a icon

     death of a icon
    The worst thing that happened yet a icon dead.every boby cried,sad and it was tragic.R.I.P MICHEL JACKSON.WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU.
  • summer camp

    summer camp
    my first year of dance camp and it was so fun I met alot of people and got to peform wow!!
  • new dance camp

    At my new dance camp almost became a pro dancer.At first I didn't want to go because that means I will have to leave my friends.
  • first conncert

    first conncert
    I went to the britney sperce and nicki minaj tour and it was cool.