Seven Steps to Limited Monarchy

  • James VI becomes James I of England

    James VI becomes James I of England
    James I succeeded Elizabeth I who was childless. He started the war with Parliament largely by ignoring their power and funding everything by himself. He believed that he was mandated by God to rule and as such didn't need advide direction or restrictions.
    After declraing his ententions to enhance and maintain the Anglican episcopacy he also created religious separatism.
  • Hampton Court Conference

    Hampton Court Conference
    This conference was a meeting between King James I of England and representatives from the church of England. The conference was the catalyst for many puritans to leave England for the New World.
  • Charles I becomes King

    Charles I becomes King
    Charles I like his father was unable to get funds or approval from Parliament. He levied new taxes and duties, he tried to impose discontinued and forced taxes, sent to jail those who would not pay. Charles I disbanded parliament until he needed them for a War with Spain.
  • Long Parliament

    Long Parliament
    Parliament recovened after being dissolved for the second time by Charles I. It reconvened to massive support by the people. The long Parliament exectuted those who under Charles I had attempted to religious conformity. They also agreed that parliament could not go three years without meetin no matter what the king says.
  • Charles Invades Parliament

    Charles Invades Parliament
    After having disputes over whether Parliament should be able to hold and army Charles I invaded Parliament. This then led to a four year long Civil War.
  • Charles II and the Declaration of Indulgences

    Charles II and the Declaration of Indulgences
    After Charles I was executed Oliver Cromwell rule in a military dictatorship. England was not better off and Charles II returned to the crown under a hederitary monarchy. Charles II had Catholic sympathies, in 1672 he issued a Declaration of Indulgences towards Roman Catholicas and non-Anglican Protestants. Parliament forced him to rescind it and they themselves issued the Testa Act aimed at Roman Catholics. Distrust and non-unity kept growing accross england.
  • James II

    James II
    James II should be considedered the last Monarch with full-ish power ofver England. James II repealed the test Act and dissolved Parliament, James II had a very clear Catholic Agenda. William of Orange invaded England with the Help of Parliament and James II fled. William of orange was the new monarch but was forced to recognize the English Bill of Rights the first of many that would limit and keep limiting the role of Monarchy in England.