School Career

  • Preschool

    We read the book green eggs and ham, the teacher made us green eggs and ham and I didn't like eggs so I threw all of my eggs under the table (thinking I was sneaky) and at recess I got called in to go clean them up. (I cried)
  • First Grade

    In first grade I went to my teachers house (for a field trip.. I don't know if that's illegal) but she let me hold her chicken and it almost killed me (attacked me).
  • Fourth Grade

    We were having a Halloween party in class (watching a movie) and the kid sitting next to me pooped his pants and the teacher sprayed a bunch of Febreze in the class.
  • Fifth Grade

    We used to do these riddles after lunch and I guessed air as an answer and the teacher yelled at me to go into the hallway and I didn't know why, then he came out later and told me that my answer was stupid and to just not participate if I wasn't going to try (but I was trying).
  • Freshman Year

    One of the teachers here really likes me and she calls me Jesus. (don't mean to flex on you)