Samuel Castro´s life

  • When I was born

    When I was born
    I was born in Clinica Valledupar all my family was there everybody was happy. My mother knew that I was a men my father was happy my grandmother liked the men. My grandfather was happy because I was the first men of the family.
  • Period: to

    When I born

  • When I was baptized

    When I was baptized
    I think that the baptism is one of my important things in life as a catholic because it was the first time I recieved God in my heart. My grandfather was happy. He likes my photo with the priest and pictures. It was in the Hogar del niño and my godparents were Javier Garcia a friend of my father and Jenthy Rosado my cousin.
  • Christmas in family

    Christmas in family
    I was happy because my mother game me a present. She knew I wanted that present, they gave me a t-shirt that say Felipe Melo, I was happy with all my presents. And my father played with me Xbox.
  • My journey to USA

    My journey to USA
    The first international trip I did was to USA. I was 2 years old, I was with my dad and my mom, other friends and the sisters of my parents. I was a baby and I was happy in the park in Orlando, I played a lot. It was an amazing place with Minnie and Mickey and all the caracters of Disney.
  • Pirate Party

    Pirate Party
    When I was 4 years old my mom celebrated me a pirate party. The invitations, the surprises and the decoration seem to be as if it was Drake and Morgan. I had a great time with my family and friends, we ate candys, swim in the pool and had other entertainment things.
  • My first schools

    My first schools
    When I was 2 years old I went to a kindergarten named Ciberkids. I met a lot of people when I was four years old I entered to Fundation Colegio Bilingue de Valledupar that is the one I'm now.
  • Semana Santa in Monteria

    Semana Santa in Monteria
    I was happy with my uncle and my aunt I swam in the pool and played football with my cousins and my sister was happy because she was with a friend, I played DS and also I went to Coveñas and went to the beach.
  • My first soccer ball

    My first soccer ball
    I recieved my first ball when I was 3 years old. It´s a time that I will never forget, because my favorite sport is soccer, so with that the surprise I started to love this sport and now I´m a expert, in soccer I play soccer all the days.
  • Rancho Klaren's party

    Rancho Klaren's party
    My 2 years old party was celebrated in Rancho Klaren's. It was a cowboys party. We drove trencito and played a lot of games. We ate meat and chocolate cake, my favorite. Me and my friends enjoyed, I always make parties because everybody cares about me and I received a lot of presents.
  • New year in Riohacha

    New year in Riohacha
    I was happy because I was with my grandparents. It was also my aunt, my uncle. While I was playing my aunt was talking with my mom my dad was playing and working in the computer, then my father talked with my uncle. It was cool travelling to Riohacha,
  • My first soccer practice

    My first soccer practice
    As I said soccer it's my favorite sport. I started playing soccer as a kid. Then I was practiced at school with Mr. Johnny I was with other friends as I was a good player I passed to Javier's class to play, they had a practice out of the school and knew how to play in Club valledupar.
  • My first Xbox

    My first Xbox
    I like sports, play soccer relaxes, it's perfect if its an Xbox ps3 or another machine. I received and Xbox on christmas and I think it was the perfect time for me because I could play soccer without any noise in the house and also because I played it with my dad and friends.
  • Sponge Bob Squarepants party

    Sponge Bob Squarepants party
    Sponge Bob Squarepants is one my favorite TV programs in Nickelodeon, so that’s the reason why I made a birthday with this theme. It was a small party celebrated with my close friends, in a aunt's kiosko. We had some cups of sponge bob, I received a lot of presents and I had a really great time.
  • I visited Pueblo Bello

    I visited Pueblo Bello
    I was happy because I played with my family and friends, I ride bicycle and played football, basketball among other games. I walked all Pueblo Bello, I also went to the cold river and then I went to the swimming pool of my aunt.
  • When they gave Spunki and Blanquita, my dogs

    When they gave Spunki and Blanquita, my dogs
    I like pets, so when I first had these dogs I was very happy. Their names were Spunki and Blanquita, after 1 year she had 4 babies black and white. We had six dogs, my mom didn't like the dogs so she gave them to a woman, I was very sad because I played with all them and they like me.
  • sister 15 birthday

    sister 15 birthday
    It was 3 years ago it was celebrated in Club Valledupar it was a special time because I party and dance with my sister,cousins among others. It was the first party I stay awake until 6 am,after I ate and had dance with kvras I will never forget it.
  • When I went to La Paz

    When I went to La Paz
    I was happy because I played games with others, my parents bought food and it was very delicious. I slept too much, then I played Xbox and I was very happy with all the games I played, also my cousin was there so I also played with him,
  • Transition graduation

    Transition graduation
    I was happy because I went to first grade I was very happy also because I was in the school and I was going to use long pants, and I had two breaks: the break and the lunch. I had ten hour classes and my mother was very proud of me because I learn too much in preeschool.
  • When I visited Divercity

    When I visited Divercity
    When I was 7 years old I went to Bogota. It was summer vacations and it was a new place where I could go to play but differently because I'm going to perform some jobs as an adults so I was policeman, cook, fireman, doctor, bus driver and a lot of more. I will never forget that.
  • Party at Club Valledupar

    Party at Club Valledupar
    I was happy becasuse in Club Valledupar I played soccer with my friends and family. My mother gave me a soccer cake. I ate cake in the game I scored a goal. I was very happy because I was winning and I played. The party was very good and I played so much.
  • My first communion

    My first communion
    My 1st communion was last year in December, it was in a place called Hogar del niño. It was a special moment in my life because I received God in my heart. Then, after the mass I celebrated with my friends at Club Valledupar with an ilusionist, there were candys food and everybody enjoyed it.
  • I traveled to Santa Marta

    I traveled to Santa Marta
    I was happy because I could play with my friends, I swam in a pool and in the beach I got on a boat and a yacht. I went to Sierra Nevada I played billards, tennis, football, basketball and I also played DS. My cousin was very happy with me and I spent 31st of December there .
  • Convivencia 4th grade

    I was happy because I was with my friends, we played, ate and we also shared a special moment. My teacher was happy because we all were behaving well and also peple speoke with others. The psicology was also there with Mr.Turton.