sammy tebishat

  • Birth

    I was born to Hassan and Enas Tebishat in Oaklawn in company of little mary and raised there ever since.
  • Advanced art

    Advanced art
    Me applicated for advanced art so I can be an architect for apples phone, computers, and other things (etc).
  • 8th grade graduation

    8th grade graduation
    Me getting my graduation certificate for 8th grade, so I can go to high school next year at Carl Sandburg.
  • Highschool

    Carl Sandburg is the highscool I'm am going to attend so I can be very good at math, science, and computers,
  • Tech class

    Tech class
    I'm joining tech club in high school so I can learn to use a computer much better then before for my future job.
  • Soccer tryouts

    Soccer tryouts
    The soccer team tryouts are today and I want to be the best at them so I can be good at one sport at least.
  • Tech club

    Tech club
    I'm signing up for tech club to exceed in computers so when I apllicate for a job I well get hired and maybe even promoted.
  • Passed everything

    Passed everything
    Me passing every class and every single club with an A+ so a very intelligent school will give me a scolarship to its college.
  • Graduation

    Me graduating and waiting to go to a really inteligent college with a scolarship for computer, math, and science.
  • College

    I'm going to this college at Colarodo for a phd and a good paying job at apple, so I can be the boss of it eventually.
  • College ending

    College ending
    The phd will get me a job at apple since I passed all of my grades with A+ and exceeded with the computers.
  • Hired in apple

    Hired in apple
    Finally I got hired to apple my dream job and hoping the boss will retire so he will promote me.
  • My marrige

    My marrige
    I'm getting married after I got a job so I will have a house, kids, and food, clothes furniture, (etc).
  • My kids!

    My kids!
    Mohammmad and noah are my sons and my daughters names will be decided by my wife.
  • Boss of apple

    Boss of apple
    the owner owning the whole apple industry finally gave me that promotion, finally I have accomplished my dream.
  • Skydiving

    Me skydiving in the fourth of July so when the fireworks are let out I will be in the middle screaming to the top of my lungs.
  • My death

    My death
    I am dying because of old age so I will pass down the apple company down to my sons, if they want it that is.