Salman Reyadh Personality Timeline

Timeline created by Salman Reyadh
  • Birth

    This is the day i was born in at the hospital of Salmania at Manama on July 28, 2001. I was the second child so my parent put a lot of attention for me.
  • Kindergarten

    It was the first day of school, it was exciting and nervous at the same time, however, i got to meet new people at my same age. It shaped my life because i got to met new people i still now today.
  • First trip to Disney Land

    First trip to Disney Land
    It was the first time I traveled and get to see the world. It was a great experience seeing all Disney characters with my brother, it was one of the best trips. It shaped my personality when i got to see different cultures other than Bahrain.
  • Sister Born

    Sister Born
    My sister was born on November 20, 2007. I remember i met her at the hospital and i was very excited to have a new sister. Now my job is to look after her and protect her.
  • First Time I Broke My Leg

    It was the first time i broke my leg and it made know me how to be responsible of my self and be careful for every choice i make.
  • First time i went to the zoo

    First time i went to the zoo
    I got to experience new life adventures seeing all the animals in person. It also affected my personality as it made me more brave.
  • High School

    High School is a big step for me because I get more respect from my teachers and classmates which shows me that i have become mature enough.
  • My Grandfather Death

    My Grandfather Death
    It was the saddest and most depressed days of my life. It was when my grandfather died on March 6, 2015. It showed me how to spend more time with the people i love because no one know when this person is going to die.