Ryne Smith Life

By smithr5
  • Birth

    This day I was welcomed into the world by my parents Ed and Mary Smith.
  • Baby Bro

    My only sibling would be welcomed into the world on this day. I immediately became his older bully!
  • Vacation

    This was the beginning of my worst vacation ever. My grandparents flew myself and my brother and two cousins down to Disney World in Orlando. I begame violently ill and did not get to ride any rides the entire time I was there because I was so sick. It was miserable.
  • First day of the rest of my life!

    This was the day that I fell in love; with running! It was my first cross country practice of my life, and it is what I would do for the rest of my life, run!
  • My best friends Arm

    While playing tackle football in my front yard, my friend slipped on the wet grass and fell backward. He ended up breaking his arm at his elbow, and his entire elbow was all the way in his bicep! Gross!
  • Disappointment

    As I was crosstraining on my bicycle doing a workout before cross country season, a car swerved toward me and I slammed on my breaks. My back tire hit gravel and the bike slipped out from underneath me. I fell and broke my femur. I had surgery and would be in a wheelchair for 4 months.
  • Happiest Day of my Life

    this was the day of my last cross country race as a high schooler. It was the Kentucky State Cross Country Meet. I placed second in the entire state and the scholarships started flowing from the colleges.
  • I Signed!

    I chose my college of my choice in the midwest, and it was NKU. I signed my letter of intent to run cross country there for four years. I recieved a full scholarship and it was a very good day!
  • Period: to


    I began college at NKU as a cross country runner, and am still in the process of graduating!
  • Happy Brother!

    My brother Kellen signed his letter of intent to play Division 2 basketball at a school in Michigan called Saginaw Valley State University. I was very proud of him.