• 4.1-Young Adult Role Transition

    When I first arrived at Gallaudet, I knew I was going to be an adult because that was where my independence grew, I got to make some hard decisions as I went along. I was able to find some jobs that could support me fully as I went through. As I said, I went through some hard decisions, by coping, I have a good group of friends that allows me to vent/rant as I go through.
  • 1.1 The Beginning

    1.1 The Beginning
    It was when I happened to find a great group of friends that shares similar interests and from there, our thinking got a lot deeper and I was able to explore more about ourselves. I can tell that social age contributed to the idea of being an adult. My thinking became a lot more mature with them and my independence really soared from there. As I got older with them, our wisdom changed over time but our inner spark is still there. I still have a lot of areas to improve on as I explore as an adult
  • 6.3 Identity/Role Confusion

    While watching Martha's video about Auntie Barbie, she experienced some struggles about being a deaf person because of her hearing friends that were criticizing her ASL/English, which caused role confusion. I feel l like I do relate because I did grow up being unsure about my hearing status and all. The older I got, I was able to identify myself as a deaf person at a late age because I would call myself hearing impaired/hard of hearing. I was uncomfortable with my ASL skills and all.
  • 7.3 Major Life Event

    It was when Gallaudet decided to announce that everything will be done remotely. I was in shock, knowing that I will not be able to spend any more time with my close friends. It was when I got into some deep funk, I wasn't able to do well, but I got better by learning how to cope by having social support from my friends and family. I was able to do Zoom most of the time as we go; it really benefited us. In a way, I was able to do some of positive reframing and acceptance in order to go through.
  • 7.2 Transitions

    In a transition from this to that, It is a possibility that I would go from Individuative-Reflective to Conjunctive because I could be at a point where I would experience freedom but a tad part of being homesick but in a way it is leaving home that makes me more of a whole because it allows me to explore options alongside college that will be there for me as I go.
  • 2.3- My Current Healthy Lifestyle

    My healthy lifestyle is below moderate, I am allergic to fruits so I don't get to eat them as much as I should've and that leads me to have some issues with my current weight. If I keep up like this, I might end up being obese. To do better, I need to find ways to substitute something for fruits.
  • 4.3-Adult Attachment Style

    After taking the quiz, my general attachment trait is Preoccupied and which means I might be worried about their availability and it shows that I am a dependable person when it comes to certain things such as cooking, I might depend on Mom or my partner to help me out because I am uncertain about those things. However, it shows that all of my relationships are secured, it is a way of them being a safe haven to me because I know they will always be there for me and such.
  • 7.1 Fowler

    At this point of life, I believe I am going through this stage, Individuative-Reflective Faith because it mentioned interruption and what I am going through during the covid pandemic; it is an interruption, but it shifts me into a place where I do actually belong by coming out to my parents, and it brought us a lot closer. I was able to explore more of myself as I go and it is part of my journey I am on right now
  • 6.1 My RIASEC Type

    My highest type is Social; after reading Figure 7.1, I agree with my personality trait; I am a people helper, I aim to be a social worker, that is where my trait comes in, helping others is what I am good at. After checking out the 2nd link, it claims that my closest occupations are Community Health Workers, after reading it, I can see myself working for the community since it would be something I would enjoy. but other occupations, most of them are things that I don't want to.
  • 6.2 Super’s Stages

    By 2025, I believe that is when I am establishing my grounds at a job that I would love which is being a social worker, establishment happens when I am building my "fort" and make it a good place for those people who could come to me comfortably because that is very important to me. From there, I can pursue to help others to do what they can do to succeed.
  • 2.1 Oxidative Damage

    The older I get, it is the possibility that I might end up smoking cigarettes and it can be a harm to my body as older I get. By age of 30, I might be under a lot of stress, to distract myself, is to smoke. It can be considered oxidative damage because it can take a toll on my body. Smoking too much can lead to oxidative damage and it could excess free radical production. To help myself better, I should take vitamin E to boost my system.
  • 3.2 Attention

    By then, I might end up having a job that might require 24/7 of my attention because it would include helping others in a school environment or working with young kids with disabilities, it is where I might end up investing all of my attention to them and it would ignore other commitments I might have during that time such as having a partner and a family to take care of. It would affect my ADL majorly, to do better, I could establish a planner to figure out what is a good time to do and such.
  • 6.4-Intimacy

    Again with Aunt Barbie, her love got stronger over time, especially with grandchildren. Looking ahead, I can see that my love will grow stronger for loved ones because I have a partner and I can tell that our love will grow stronger later on when it comes to having kids. At that time, we might struggle because of lack of time due to career and kids but we should be aware of our presences and all. Page 194 claims that Intimacy is like a fuse that helps the love between one and one another.
  • 3.1- Problem Solving

    At the age of 40, I will be a social worker to help out students who are in need of help, with all the experiences and knowledge I've gained, it will benefit my problem-solving skills by helping others. However, it is expected that my ADL might decrease over time due to other commitments as having children and having a partner. To improve that is to try and balance out my commitments and communicate with my partner so they can be aware.
  • 4.2- Older Adult Role Transition

    At the age of 40, I can see myself with some kids and most of them will be teenagers as they go through high school, my partner and I will be there to cherish every moment we have with them by having game nights, their sports matches, their plays, and such. It is possible that we would go through some issues where money can be involved because we are getting older and our children might need money for transportation, sports and such. It is important for us to confide as we go through some issues
  • 2.2- Genetic Limits

    My telomeres are expected to be shorter than the rest due to the possibility of diabetes and high blood pressure and to reduce that, seek a doctor that can help me and plan my goal to be better. From there, I can follow and my lifestyle would be much better and the telomeres would be the same as healthy life expectancy.
  • 2.4- Potential Consequences Of My Lifestyle.

    At the age of 50, It is a possibility of getting colorectal cancer due to my family's genes, and to prevent that is to get it checked yearly and my family has a history of diabetes so that is where I need to check my healthy habits and reform it in a better way.
  • 8.1 The End

    On Sunday, July 1, 2091, Ryan Horner, loving husband, and father of two children, passed away at the age of 91
    At his wish, service will be held; it will not be in mourn of his life. Instead, we will celebrate the life of Ryan on his birthday, which will be in 9 days.
    Ryan was remembered and loved by many and he was able to help out so many by being an amazing Social Worker for 40 years.
    If you know him personally, please contact his family and they would be forever grateful.