Roman Empire

  • 753 BCE

    Rome was founded.

    According to Roman legend, Romulus was the founder and first King of Rome, establishing the Roman Kingdom.
  • 715 BCE

    King #2

    Numa Pompilius became the second King of Rome.
  • 673 BCE

    King #3

    Tullus Hostilius became the third King of Rome.
  • 667 BCE

    The foundation of Byzantium

    Byzantium was founded by Megarian colonists.
  • 642 BCE

    Tullus Hostilius died

  • 642 BCE

    The Curiate Assembly

    The Curiate Assembly, one of the legislative assemblies of the Roman Kingdom, elected Ancus Marcius King of Rome.
  • 617 BCE

    Ancus Marcius died

  • 616 BCE

    Lucius Tarquinius Priscus

    The Curiate Assembly elected Lucius Tarquinius Priscus King of Rome.