By ghe5
  • My Birth

    My Birth
    10 years ago I was born on this day at exactly 12:05 A.M.
  • First time in the Taj Mahal in India

    This was the first time I explored the great Taj Mahal at the age of 2.
  • I started learning violin

    I started learning violin
    I started learning violin with Mr. Matt at Village Music School. I also had my first ever recital playing violin. The song that I played was Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.
  • When I went to Canada with my cousins

    I was so excited I was going on my first road trip with my aunt and uncle! We all got into my White Ford van. I got into the middle seat with my sister and my dad strapped me in. My mom had brought some food for us and my dad brought his computer so we could watch a movie! It would be so much fun!
  • My First trip to India

    My First trip to India
    On this day, I had left to India to whwere my first memory of my grandparents had taken place. I had found the place very hot and since I was only 3 years old, I didn't know anything about India.
  • I started school at Chesterbrook Academy

    I started school at Chesterbrook Academy
    I started school in Chesterbrook Academy with my best friend and neighbor, Shon.
  • Enrolled into Kumon

    Enrolled into Kumon
    I was enrolled into an aawesome learning program named Kumon and I took my first placement test to see which level I was in. After my mom got the results, she told me I would start at level 3A and that was very good for a Kindergartener
  • Move to Green Hope Elementary School

    Move to Green Hope Elementary School
    Moved to Green Hope Elementary from Chesterbrook Academy for Kindergarten and my teacher was Ms. DiFonzo.
  • First trip to Disney

    First trip to Disney
    At the age of six, I was really excited to be going to Disney for the first time(that I remember at least!) We visited the Dr, Seuss land and the enormous castle where Mickey and Minnie lived.
  • Started 1st grade

    When I walked into my new classroom, I asked my parents "Where's my teacher?" Once I had turned around, I saw my new teacher Ms. Leslie. I soon found out that she was the daughter of the news reporter, Bill Leslie,
  • My trip to the S.S. Battleship in Wilmington

    My trip to the S.S. Battleship in Wilmington
    I had arrived at the S.S. Battleship, a ship that the americans had used during World War II! I was there with my three other best friends: Orko, Chottu, and Binno. We took a tour inside the ship too. It was really hot!
  • Started Second Grade

    I started the second grade with a huge smile on my face. I was very happy because my new teacher, Mrs. Dunston was the teacher I went to for reading in first grade and she was really nice,
  • Trip to Canada, New Hampshire, New England, Great Lakes, Nova Scotia, Michigan, Border of USA

    Trip to Canada, New Hampshire, New England, Great Lakes, Nova Scotia, Michigan, Border of USA
    I am going to Canada, Montreal(CAN), Quebec(CAN), Nova Scotia(CAN), New Brunswick(CAN), Ontario(CAN), New Hampshire(USA), New Jersey(USA), New York(USA), Maine(USA), Michigan(USA), and the great lakes as well as Niagra Falls. I wen to a lot of places but I spent most of my time in Canada, visiting my cousins. Our grandparents had also come over and we went all together. Then on the return trip, we went to visit my other cousins who lived in New Hampshire.
  • Started Third Grade.

    Finally, the EOG year and a bunch of other important tests like the COGAT, the ITBS, and the Blue Diamonds.
  • Trip To India

    I was going to leave my mom and sister for a couple of months because I was going to India with my dad. My sister couldn't go because she was taking extra classes at NC State and my mom had to stay with her.
  • Started Fourth Grade

    On this day, I wasn't actually at school because I was in India for a while.
  • NCOM Eastern Regionals 2011-2012

    NCOM Eastern Regionals 2011-2012
    They were now announcing the awards for our roblem: Problem 3: To Be Or Not To Be. They started off from Division IV which is the College Division which meant that the Division I or Elementary Schoolers were last. We had a little bit of time left though. But time whizzed by like a frizbee and then it was Division I's turn. Third Place: Brassfield Road Elementary School, I took a deep breath and if this was us, then we would make it to states! Second Place: GREEN HOPE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!
  • NCOM State Finals

    NCOM State Finals
    Last time we did good but this time, when I saw our long term score I was not feeling to good. But when it came to Spontaneous, I was really juiced up because it was a verbal problem and I was selected for that. Later, at the awards ceremony, We heard Division I Problem 3: In third place: GREEN HOPE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL! In second place there was a tie: PARKWOOD ES AND BEVERLY WOODS ES First Place: UNIONVILLE ES!
  • Started Fifth Grade!!

    After two years with the same teacher Ms. Nichols, I got a new teacher Mrs. Barksdale. She is very helpful, fun, and kind. I also started to learn more about fifth grade when I first saw my classroom.