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  • First computer

    First computer
    I started using a computer by my mom holding my hand over the mouse when I was 6 months old! Look at that TURBO button!
  • My Gameboy Color!

    My Gameboy Color!
  • First Phone

    First Phone
    A good old Razr V2! I think everybody had one of these phones at one point. I didn't use it much... only really to call my family
  • First personal computer

    First personal computer
    I bought my first gaming computer when I was 13
  • First MP3 Player

    First MP3 Player
    My friend gave me an iPod to borrow for awhile after he got a new one.
  • First Tablet/Laptop

    I bought my first laptop in Sophomore year of highschool. It was ahead of its time being a hybrid Windows PC with a touch screen.
  • My first HDTV

  • Dropped the Landline

    Finally we started using all cell phones.
  • First Smartphone

  • Period: to

    My Life