By dbadder
  • Louis 16th made king

    Louis 16th made king
    -marrys marie antoninette
    -money problems and in debt
    -calls meeting of the estates general to solve debt
    -sets road to revolution
    -not involved
  • Tennis Court Oath

    Tennis Court Oath
    -98% of the population was in the 3rd estate
    -they demanded equal taxations
    -wasnt granted and were kicked out of meeting hall
    -after, they moved to a tennis court and made an oath to me there everyday until they got treated better
  • Legislative Assembly Created

    Legislative Assembly Created
    -the national assembly had Louis sign the constitution
    -the legislative assembly was then created
    -power to make laws and declare war
    -Assembly soon split when people wanted more freedom and more power
  • King Executed

    King Executed
    -crazy mobs ran the streets and had more power than government assembly
    -the people wanted the king dead
    -found guilty for treason
    -head cut off by the guillotine
    -got rid of the monarcy
  • Reign of Terror

    Reign of Terror
    -Maximilien Robepierre was in power
    -executed people for speaking of the old regime
    -execute crazy
    -3000 people killed in one year
    -the people over powered him and executed him