Revolution timeline


  • Tennis Court Oath

    Tennis Court Oath
    The National Assembly take the Tennis Court Oath requiring members to stay until a constitution is written. This is important because this created the first written proof of mens rigths no longer leaving people in the dark for what they can and cant do, not only that it was a fair set of rules.
  • Return King Louis!!!???

    Return King Louis!!!???
    Austria demands that king louis and marie be ruturned to the throne. Instead the nation declares war on Austria. This important because Marie was Austrian and the fact that she was no longer in office angered the Austrians. Pushing them into a fight.
  • Conform or die!!!

    Conform or die!!!
    The Massive use of the Guilotine creates terror among the french people forceing them to conform to the goals of the revolution, or die. This machine impacted and put a face to the whole idea of revolution, this instrument of death was used to show that those for the revolution will be put to death.