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  • Period: 1300 to

    The Renaissance Cause: SPE

    Renaissance means rebirth. It was a time characterized by an interest in Ancient Greece and Rome. It gave rise to Humanism, which was concerned with the potential of the individual and the use of rational thought.
  • 1436

    Printing Press Cause: S

    Printing Press Cause: S
    Johann Guttenberg is credited with inventing the printing press in Europe. Asian countries had been using this technology for centuries by this point.
    This a cause as the printing press allowed for the mass production of books and pamphlets some of which criticized the Catholic church.
  • Oct 31, 1517

    95 Theses Cause: SPE

    95 Theses Cause: SPE
    Martin Luther nails his 95 Theses to the church door in Wittenberg
  • Period: 1545 to 1563

    Council of Trent Effect: SPE

    The Catholic church holds meetings to address issues and reassert their power. They only thing they really address is corruption in the church. They continue the rest of their doctrine around the 7 sacraments and authority of the Pope.

    Social as it denies Protestant beliefs as being valid.

    Political as it reaffirms the Pope's power.
    Economic as the as the SELLING of indulgences, but the Church continued to gain money.