Question 7

  • Start of Preliminary Task

    The preliminary task was to create a school magazine for a secondary school. At this point we had not been tought how to uses the editing software like photoshop. We also learned some of the main featuers of a magazine
  • Final Product of Preliminary Task

    Final Product of Preliminary Task
    This was the first attempt at creating a magazine for my AS media course. I used microsoft word to create my magazine, as i did not know how to use photoshop at the time of making this. From this magazine you can see how photoshop and ofther editing and understaning can make a magazine look a lot differnt.
  • Start of Research For Music Magazine

    At this point, we were given the task to create our own music magazine but also show research towards it, for example, finding out about existing music magazines, music genres, music magazine producers and what makes a music magazine attractive over all and how to make it appeal to your specific target audience. In looking at all of this i was able to understand how to make my magazine succsesful
  • Magazines in a Shop

    This is where I looked at how magazines were laid out within shops. It gave me an idea of where my magazine would be within a shop. It also showed me the range of magazines you could get but also how the more popular ones gets positioned
  • Thinking of a Concept

    I produced a mind map to map my ideas on of what genre my music magazine was going to be. I also decided on a name, style and the typography of the magazine. This helped me start picturing the magazine
  • Rate Card

    Rate Card
    I made my rate card for my magazine and also decided on a name of my magazine. I had also decided on a genre and specific audience to focus my music magazine on. Within my rate card I included brands and products that my intended audiene would like.
  • First Drafts Of Pages

    I uploaded the fisrt draft of my double page spread and front cover to my blog. This is the text that was going to go onto my double page spread article to create the characters within my band that were going to feature on that page.
  • Layout of Music Magazine

    I posted on my blog, the layout of my front cover, contents and double page for my magazine, this was the plan i was going to use to help produce my music magazine
  • Final Logo

    Final Logo
    I decided on my logo and title for my music magazine, after creating a few i thought that this one looked most appropirate for the magazine.
  • Drafts of Music Magazine

    I uploaded my front cover, double page spread and my contents page to my blog. These were my first drafts of my music magazie pages. I showed the first drafts to show the construction of the magazine and how there would be a difference between my first draft and my final product. In this then you can comare it to my school magazine and how i have had a differnt understanding as you can see i have done many drafts to find what would look the best.
  • Final Products of Music Magazine

    This is when I finished my contents page, front cover and double page spread to my music magazine and were going to be my final products and final outcome. This shows the progression between my final products, first drafts and my prelimary task.