• My Birth!

  • My first teeth are growing in.

  • Self Awareness

    By now I can look into a mirror and realize its me.
  • Speaking

    I can now speak quite a few words and speak in one word sentences.
  • Gender

    I can know distinguish between boy and girl and now realize what toys and clothes are approriate for my gender.
  • I can ride a two-wheeler bicyle!

    Now i can skip and run, play catch, and walk on my tip-toes.
  • Conservation

    By around six years, I can achieve conservation of number, length, mass, and liquid.
  • Memory

    My short-term memory is improving along with memory capacity. I can also begin to multitask.
  • Industry vs Inferiority

    By now I realize that I am productive rather than inadequate.
  • Asthma

    I've developed asthma, which is a common health problem in early childhood.
  • I lost all my baby teeth!

  • Vocabulary

    I can now understand metaphors, puns, figure of speech, aand sarcasm.
  • I entered into Puberty.

    My body starts to change and more hormones are released.
  • Weath and Poverty

    My family's income now can affect my stress levels. If my family has a low income I'm prone to more stress.
  • Egocentrism

    I am obssessed with my body image, and what people think of me is very important.
  • Relationships

    I have my fisrt boyfriend in highschool.
  • Emerging Adulthood

    Its important to stay healthy with a good diet and keeping up with exercise. Also, sexual diseases are a threat.
  • Religion

    I associate myself with a certain religion.
  • Vocational Identity

    I know what I want to do with my life. This would be raising a family and having a steady career.
  • Sense Organs

    My vission and hearing are not at their best and i may need stronger perscriptioneg glasses and hearing aids.
  • Coping Methods

    I need ways to cope from stress. I may choose avoidant coping with alcohol, or stick with relious coping in my faith.
  • Personality Traits

    I have the Big Five of personalities traits: openness, conscientiosness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism.
  • Memory

    My memory is fadinf and is slow. Source amnesia increases.
  • Personality

    My personality traits generally are the same. I become more positive than negative.
  • Osteoporosis

    I might have devleoped osteoporosis as my aging makes my bones more fragile.
  • Death

    Used the activity to determine what my death year may be.