Psych Erikson's Theory 4 Events

  • Autonomy vs. Shame and Doubt

    About Kindergarden age was when my first inital sense of autonomy bloomed. I discovered that I was smart, and occasionally funny. This was as I first started interacting with more people outside my family circle. All of this came from my teachers and peers who in a way gave me feedback on how I was acting and what was or wasn't appropriate.
  • Industry vs. Inferiority

    As a child growing up my parents decided that they would impliment a chore reward system to get me and me siblings to actually do our chores. At first I just didn't want to do any of my chores, but when I realized that I would get paid money for every chore I did, I got much more excited.
    Another great example would be starting a lemonaid stand in the summer time in hopes of making money. It didn't really work, but that didn't stop me from hoping someone would buy my slightly watery lemonaide.
  • Identity vs. Identity Confusion

    My first development of identity started in about middle school. I remember because that was when I first started being homeschooled. At first it didn't bother me at all, but as I got weird judgemental looks when I told other people I started to d evelop a sense of shame from it. As I got a little bit older I started embracing my identity as the "weird homeschooled kid" and stopped caring what other people thought to a certain degree. Once I accepted who I was my sense of identity was confirmed.
  • Intimacy vs. Isolation

    I'm transitioning to the early adult phase and I can honestly say that I haven't mastered this concept quite yet. I have never been in a romantic relationship officially, unless staring across the room hoping he notices you counts. I would have to agree that to a certain extent it is becuase of the fear of exposing who I am, but it also is a two way street. Unless you count friendships, which I feel I'm becoming much more open to as I get a little bit older.