• Birth

    I was born in pakistan's little town and there was nothing to record my weight so I don't know how much I weighed. My mom told me that I was not healthy like my other siblings. I was not breastfed like my other siblings.
  • Begining

    I started talking when i was one years old . Even though I was not healthy when I born but i was fine after 2 or 3 months. I started walking and talking in about one year.
  • Play

    I used to play alot like all the babies do. Me and my sister used to play together because she was just two years older than me .There were no playgrounds in our town so Ijust used to play with my toys.
  • School

    I started my school according to my mom at the age of 3. Me and my sister was in same grade even though she was 2 years older than me. In our town there was no preschools or kindergartens so we started schooling from first grade.
  • Moving to the City

    Moving to the City
    We moved to the city when I was in I guess 4rth grade. We used to sit on the floors because in our school they did not have any chairs but for the teachers.
  • Middle school

    Middle school
    In our country middle school starts when the we go to 6th grade and up to 8th grade. we used to wear uniforms in our school it was blue and white. There is one thing that I really want to mention is when I went to middle school I had to cover my head which I really hated but it just took me a month to get use to it.
  • Divorce

    When my mom got divorced we all kids were so upsed with my mom. My mom handeled that time very well.
  • High Schhol

    High Schhol
    I stated my schoolin the age of 14 and I was in 8th grade. It was not different than middle school . Our school was just the girls school there was not boys in our school.
  • college

    My College days were pretty good. I had lot of fun in college my principle was my reaaly good friend well she was very old but great lady.
  • Baby brother

    I was so happy when my baby brother born. I went to hospital with my mom dad beause I did not have school that day.
  • Coming to USA

    Coming to USA
    well after three years of college me and my family came to USA. It was a big life changing moment.
  • sudy in USA

    I started ESL classes in united states because my english was not good enough to start college.
  • My Major

    When I decided my major I was so depressed. I am happy though that I chose nursing.
  • college in USA

    college in USA
    I stated going to Schoolcraft for just basic Eglish and Math and then I moved to credit score to another college for nursing.
  • Visiting to pakistan

    Visiting to pakistan
    I went to Pkistan on my brothers engagement and I met a handsome guy .
  • Engagement

    I got engaged after a year . This was really a good moment.
  • My mom's marriage

    My mom got married second time well that was not really happy moment.
  • Marriage

    I hope that I will get married in June this year.
  • kids

    I think that my first kid will be in 2012 . I hope I have not more than 4 kids .
  • Graduate

    I hope that i will graduate from in 2014 and look for a the job.
  • Job

    I hope to get a job of nurse in 2014 after my graduation.
  • Grand kids

    Grand kids
    I don't know but I hope to have grand kids in 1231.
  • grand kids go to school

    grand kids go to school. one goes to 1st grade the other goes to 2 nd grade
  • breaking leg

    i broke my leg while i was riding my bike with my grand kids
  • surgery

    i am getting surgery for my leg hopefully it will be a sucess
  • Dying

    I think I will not get sick not untill before a year of my death. My health so for thnk God is really good so I think sickness will not be the reason of my death.
  • death

    I don't know God know when I am going to die but that is my guess.