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Professional Path

  • Began my undergraduate collegiate career

    This was the beginning of my collegiate career that would last for several years.
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    Professional Path

  • Received my Associates Degree in Business Administration

    This is the date that I was granted my Associates in Business Administration.
  • Birth of my Daughter

    This was a very important day that would lead me to change my mind concerning my career path.
  • Decided on a new career

    I decided in May of 2007 that in order to be with my children more I must work in the school system.
  • Received Bachelors Degree in Healthcare Administration

    The day I was granted a Bachelors Degree in Healthcare Administration.
  • Began my Graduate School collegiate career

    In the Fall semester of 2007 I began taking classes to obtain my Master's in school counseling.
  • Birth of my Son

    My son was born, giving me yet another reason to finish my Master's in counseling.
  • Career Counseling Changed My Life

    As I sat in a career counseling class we began talking about true passions and what people's life career choices mean. It was at this time that it dawned on me that although I love counseling my true passion was medicine. This was something I had thought about previously, but was discouraged from doing from friends and family. The next day I went and registered for Anatomy & Physiology as well as Microbiology and continued to complete pre-requisite courses for Medical School.
  • Applied to Medical School

    I have finished my classes, took my MCAT, received my scores and applied to Medical School.
  • Graduate from Marshall University

    I will be finishing my Master's and graduating.
  • Begin Medical School

    Hopefully I will be admitted for matriculation for the 2014 class and will be beginning my start to medical school.