Production schedule

  • start of course work

  • case study

    research on magazine(music)
    textual analysis
  • College magazine project

    create front cover and content page
    due date is 6th October
  • Audience feedback/ Evaluation of college magazine

    what went well?
    what do I need to improve
    3points for development when producing the main task Deadline: 13th October
  • Magazine newstand task/ distribution of magazine

    deadline 17th October
    Go to other newstands take pictures of magazines and upload write up finsing s on blog
    research magazines distibution methods alaso other uses through technology
  • Drafrting and Finalizing house styles drafts and layout(Planning)

    write a short proposal for your magazine, include how your mag links to the case studies you did in task 2
    house style sheets for your music mag
    whats the angle? who's the publisher? audience?
    do a pitch of your bullet points
  • Audience research task(Planning)

    Evaluate the audience from your the pitch
    create survey, present pitch, get feedback
    blog it on blogger
  • Photgraphy

    blog on how you being taught on how to take photos
    minimum 4 images original
    photgraphy calls sheets: model, location, costume and props(details)
  • Desk top Publishing and editing your music magazine (Construction)

    use Photoshop for front cover and InDesign for the cpntents page
    take print and screens and anntate them on the blog/ being assessed on reflection, progress and evaluate contruction throughout
    20th show your rough draft of the three pages to the class
  • audience research-main task/music mag planning/Evaluation

    gather feedback and comments from audience on your music mag
    survey monkey
    focus on strengths and weaknesses and it compares to the draft
  • Planning the Evaluation

    worth 20% of course work
    use the bullet points to structure your evaluation
    use digital technology creatively to present evaluation (NO ESSAY) i.e prezi,podcast,slideshare,infogram etc...
  • create Evaluation

    marked based on how approriate interactive and your chosen technology as well as the content of yours answer
  • deadline for evrything